Technology for the Future

Technology for the world of tomorrow will focus on the efficiencies absent in the world today. As change is the largest worry in current times, whether in our homes, within society, as a global adjustment, or even an off planet way of life, the solutions will be there. Yet this change in technology and use won’t be accomplished overnight, and its roots of successful operation are dependent upon its implementation now.

The first thing to realize for this future is that preventative solutions to a changing world will not reverse conditions, merely slow them. As important as this idea, it only encourages suffering until the system balances. For climate change on a global scale, the only helpful technology is one that fixes the problems that are prolific. The technology for that specific change is there already, it just has to be used.

Stemmed from one of the roots of climate change is world energy, which has been primarily based on fossil fuels and the use of fire. As energies and the abundances change and adapt to newer technologies, the future will place better utilized energy means in the places they need to be. With the advent of fusion, the question of sustainable energy will be solved and many more solutions will blossom.

With constant energy, technology for the future will be the ones that exist for transportation and better modes of societal interaction. Better business will promote progress so long as technicalities don’t continue to slow it along the way. If the future produces the technology to counter greed and negative human ambitions, then all the better. In terms of transportation, there is hope that teleportation or faster than sound modes of travel will be established for better global traversing.

In the home, sustainable technologies will provide the people living within them services that current homes are without. These homes will eliminate the need for more services than a regular income will accommodate with only the initial payments to see them through. These technologies will come in home recycling units, compost units for garbage, waste and water management that eliminates water table depletion, and home energy production if away from fusion energy surplus.

Finally, off planet colonization efforts will be established. After all, if everything can be sustainable in a single home with many environmental influences, then a confined and contained environment would be just as adaptable. Hopefully the technology breakthroughs will include faster than light travel and worm-hole navigation to make traveling to far points in space all the more feasible. From that point on, the possibilities for the future and its technology are endless.