Future Technology

Humans, as far as everyone knows, are the only creatures on this planet that use both simple and advance technology to make life easier. As it had happened in the past, humans will continue to invent and to improve of their inventions. This will also be true for the future. As time goes by better technology will be developed in the several areas including information technology, security, transportation, entertainment and medical.

Technology of the future will surely be more advanced and more reliable than it is now. Gadgets will be easier to use and more portable. Some of us have the experience of using a larger size adding machine before the pocket calculator came in to the scene. A computer used to occupy an entire room. Today, it occupies only a section of a desk.  In the future, pocket computers are a common sight. A larger screen can be attached to such a computer for a better view.

You might have watched the popular TV series “Star Trek” and might have also watched how a sick crew member was being diagnosed and cured. Such technology, at the moment, can only be seen on television or at the movies. However, it may be possible that we can have something similar in the future. The field of medicine, information technology, and electronic engineering may combined to produce and advance technology that will more accurately and more quickly diagnose a patient. A faster and more accurate diagnosis may lead to faster recovery.

As humans, we like to entertain ourselves, either we produce our own entertainment or use automated equipment to do it for us. From the gramophone we progressed to the phonograph. From the phonograph, we progressed to the compact disc player. In the future, compact discs will be smaller but will be able to hold more songs.  Digital technology will continue be used in the future and it may be also be possible to select the kind of musical instrument we want to play for a particular piece or a voice for a particular song.

Many people love to watch dramas on television. In the future, we will be able to create our own dramas using computer software and select the actors that we want to act in the dramas. Three dimensional televisions will be a common feature in the future. Viewers can also interact with reality television shows and feel that they are actually members of a live audience. Some people may already have started watching foreign movies with subtitles in our own language. In the future, it may be possible to select the language that we want the actors to speak or as the language for the subtitles.

Today, many banks in the world still require their customers to key in their passwords to access money from their automatic teller machines. In the future, it will be more common for a person will place his or her thumb on the device to have it examined or a special camera will detect and examine his or her eyes before he or she can withdraw any cash out of the machine.In this way, customers do not have to worry about forgetting their passwords or have their passwords stolen.

Touchscreen technology has been already around for more than 20 years. I remember watching a demonstration of such technology when I was an undergraduate university student almost 20 years ago. Today, touchscreen technology is used on some modern mobile devices, automatic teller machines and some computers. You may have already used such technology at least once. In the future, touch screen technology or something similar to it will replace the mouse. You can touch any word on the screen to use it as a search term while browsing the Internet.

Humans have been advancing in the area of transportation for many centuries. The invention of the jetliner had reduce the time for traveling from days to hours. In the future, jetliners or any other form of aircraft, the experts can think of may be able to fly to any place within minutes. Passengers will be carrying passports that look like credit cards with embedded microchips containing their personal details and details of the travel movements.