Success Traits in Handwriting Achievement Traits Graphology

There are common success traits which are usually found in the handwriting of mostly all successful people. These common handwriting strokes can be simply identified, and once you become aware of them you can easily inculcate them in your own handwriting.

If you embrace these success strokes in your handwriting, you can experience optimism in your life and everything around you will definitely turn positive. I am sure you are in doubt about the relation between handwriting and personality. And few of you must be thinking that the connection of handwriting and personality is meaningless and it is shear nonsense.

But the truth is that handwriting has a great influence on your character. What you are today reflects in your handwriting immensely. Do you know that it is your brain which guides your hand to a great deal. Whatever you put on paper is actually an outcome of a two way course between your mind and the motor reflex muscles of the hand.

Handwriting is a special and personal skill and you can never find two individuals handwriting exactly the same. The reason that you cannot find two similar people writing exactly the same is, because handwriting is not simply scribbling different types of figures and shapes on paper, it is not just a learned skill based on social set of laws of language, but handwriting is actually related with the writer intensely. It is linked with the:

1. Writer’s Nervous System

2. Health and Emotional State

3. Brain Functioning

4. Writer’s general outlook on life.

You must have noticed that your own handwriting varies from time to time. Your handwriting fluctuates along with changes in your life. It is largely influenced by the consistencies and inconsistencies in your life and therefore the handwriting changes fairly constantly, along with the patterns of your life. But some people say: “I can write different styles of writing” or “I have quite a few kinds of handwriting”. The answer to this is very simple and logical.

It is believed that all of us possess different styles of handwriting which is mainly dependent on various important factors. Every writer writes differently depending on the circumstance he/she is in. Obviously your handwriting will differ when you are writing in hurry. The handwriting will be different in different moods. Handwriting changes along with your frame of mind. Your disinterest or interest in the subject you are writing about will produce different style of writing.

But the bottom line is no matter how many versions you have for your handwriting, the fundamental strokes, formations and slant remain the same. Your handwriting like signature reveals the similar signs and symbols in all the personal variations you write, the parameter and the base of your writing structure stays relatively similar.

Handwriting is just like your hair. You can change your appearance by straightening, perming or coloring your hair, or simply wear your hair in different styles but the result is that you are still recognized by people as you. In the same way no matter how many versions you can make for your handwriting, it will still reveal your real character and your true personality traits.

Here is the list of success traits which can really help you to bring optimism and success in your life.

1 For achieving High Goals in your life and to become more ambitious

A – Start crossing your t-bars on the top of the stem.

B – If you write the personal pronoun I in small size, turn it into a large personal pronoun I

2 For boosting your self esteem and for increasing your self confidence

A – Change the size of your signature by making it large.

B – Change the look of your tiny t-bars to high crossed t-bars and increase the size of personal pronoun I

3 To have strong will power and to increase the ability to follow set of rules

A – Change your down strokes by making them heavy and visible below the baseline.

B – Write while making heavy pressure on the t-bars.

4 To become more Persistent and Enthusiastic

A – Start writing an extra long stroke while crossing your T, this helps to outshine the excitement and enthusiastic trait of your personality.

B – While writing T and F the strokes should double back over the letter and should end towards the right. Following these strokes will immensely encourage you to avoid the trait of giving up and will make you persistent in your nature.

All these mentioned traits in the writing reveals self-confidence, the ability to plan ahead, high goals in life, high personal expectations, enthusiasm, persistence, and an overall good self-image. Inculcate these strokes in your handwriting as they are the key to personal and professional success and happiness. In the world of Graphology there is a wonderful saying :

You can’t change your handwriting

without changing your life,


you can’t change your life

without changing your handwriting.

So set out to make some positive changes in your handwriting today for a successful tomorrow!