Handwriting Analysis and the Secrets of Graphology

Your handwriting can be a dead giveaway. The way you write can reveal surprising information about your personality to the eyes of an expert graphologist.

If your handwriting is upright you’re probably independent, but if it slants to the left it can mean you’re reserved. Extrovert or introvert? The size of your handwriting is a powerful indicator.

If your lead snaps off easily because you push hard with your pencil, you might be the type of person who shoots first and asks questions later. How you space your lines on the page can show that you have a larger perspective, or then again, maybe you like to get close to the action.

These indicators are just a small taste of the 300 handwriting features used by the professional graphologist in their investigations. It is the combination of features and their interpretation that uncovers the whole story to paint a complete picture.

Your handwriting is like an open book in the hands of a skilled graphologist. What tales can your handwriting tell? You might be surprised. The story of the real you literally jumps off the page, revealing much about your personality and behavior.

You might be thinking, yeah sure, handwriting analysis is just like the gypsy reading tea leaves or tracing life lines on someone’s palm in a dimly lighted sideshow tent. Not at all. Graphology is a respected scientific technique that has been proven remarkably accurate through years of research. In fact, the study of handwriting and what it all means dates back thousands of years to the Chinese and Romans.

Elaine Quigley, psychologist and past chairman of the British Institute of Graphologists, describes handwriting as “brainwriting.” She goes on to say that “the brain sends signals along the muscles to the writing implement they control.” In other words, our singular personality is mirrored in our uniquely personal handwriting through a direct connection with our brain as we write.

And it makes no difference how we’ve been taught to write, our personality always shines through.

Handwriting analysis has proven its worth as a tool in the workplace, accurately predicting a person’s behavior, particularly how they might behave in social situations. Professional handwriting analysts, follow a strict code of ethics. Their findings are always above board and positive, geared toward helping people grow and understand.

Handwriting analysis and the secrets of graphology are real. In the hands of a properly trained professional, an analysis of your handwriting will uncover personality and character traits that can be of great help discovering hidden talents and developing your real potential.