Handwriting Analysis and the Secrets of Graphology

The secrets of graphology are why handwriting analysis is so interesting. Handwriting analysis is like having x-ray vision into anyone’s personality. At a glace the trained eye can see if this person is outgoing, traditional, friendly, mean, open, conscientious, artistic, gives attention to detail, are considerate, aggressive or highly intelligent and well educated. Over the years I have had ample opportunity to verify the correctness of certain styles of writing and the meaning of individual characteristics. In the past thirty years the interpretation of handwriting analysis has improved as graphologist shared information of their studies and discoveries. The earlier books from the forties and fifties were very judgmental, but in the sixties there was not much else out there, so I did some research on my own. I have been doing this since I was sixteen – I am now sixty.

While at a certain university I did a lot of blind testing to see how accurate my interpretations were and discovered that I was more accurate than I thought. In one case I gave a very negative assessment of one person and when I discovered it was a person I liked I thought I was wrong, however in time her negative side revealed itself and I was proven right. This was a good lesson, the facts speak for themselves. I did tests on many different individual characteristics and one in particular was a lot of fun. The lower loop of the y is supposed to reveal how recently you have had sex. You must compare the lower loop of the y to the normal y from one day to the next. I would look through students notebooks and look for the signs and sure enough it worked.

I have found that most people enjoy having their handwriting analyzed it is great entertainment at parties, I try to keep it positive and add a funny twist to any negative aspects, but I enjoy applying it to more serious endeavors such as finding the right employee or at least an employee that is not overloaded with emotional problems. Let us say you need someone for customer service. You have two applications one shows great attention to detail i dots and t-crosses are perfect and the writing is small, however this writer has large loops which indicate over sensitivity, also this writer shows severe signs of secrecy the other writer has large writing with no double loops in a’s and o’s that indicate secrecy, the o’s and a’s are open. Some i’s and t’s are not finished indicating an element of inconsiderateness and lack of attention to detail, but this candidate has an outgoing personality and overall better able to deal with customers.

On one occasion my boss showed me the handwriting of his boss, the owner of the company. He gave me a steno pad in which the owner had written notes from a meeting they had had. Unfortunately I saw more than was intended. The writing was creative and full of energy and very creative. Two pages later I saw the writing change it became sloppy and ill formed from this I deduced the owner was ill and that was perhaps why he was turning the business over to his children.

There is no way an article can give you a working knowledge of handwriting analysis but I can assure you that it is revealing and much can be seen just from your signature and a paragraph of your writing, the more writing the more is revealed.

A common fallacy is that neat writing is desirable. Everyone apologizes for sloppy writing. Actually simplified graceful writing is a sign of intelligence. A person who has different styles shows versatility. A person who prints, usually men, are hiding themselves from others – they are showing only what they want you to see. If you see their script you will see something totally different from what you might have expected. The more traditional the writing the more traditional the person and the converse is true.

Beware of the writer with blunt t crosses that slant downwards with blotches and heavy down strokes because this indicates violence. Also know that people whose lower loops engulf the line below may have problems you do not want to deal with. Large loops in d’s indicate hyper sensitivity, their feelings are easily hurt and this in the work place could be a problem or in a relationship.

Police use handwriting analysis to determine if a suicide note was written by the suicide victim. If a criminal is trying to hide their natural handwriting the police have them write page after page faster and faster until they revert to their natural writing. Lying can also be determined and in a lot of cases used to determine who the culprit really is.

All and all handwriting analysis is fascinating because it gives insight into another persons personality and behavior. It may seem bizarre that we reveal so much by our writing but it is a proven fact that we do. And over the years I have been observing I never ceased to be amazed. And sometimes I come across formations of letters that I have never seen before and wonder what does this mean, but for the most part the way we write shows everything that we are.