Sociopathic Tendencies

The term “psychopath” is not used very much in psychiatry these days. Now we use the terms “sociopath” or “antisocial personality”. Whatever term you prefer, they all describe the same type of personality and behavior. For this article, I’ll use the label “psychopath”.

A psychopathic person is one with no conscience. They have no capacity to feel or show sympathy, empathy, remorse and/or love. Psychopaths are the ultimate liars. They lie to get what they want whether it be money, use of a car, a home, sex, etc. Upon meeting one, they’ll show you only what they want you to see. They’ll act like they’re interested in everything you’re interested in. They’ll appear to listen and show sympathy to your woes. They’ll act like your very best friend. Don’t fall for it. It’s all a calculated lie to get what they want from you. These people have practiced these lies all of their lives and are very, very good at it.

Psychopaths are interested in one thing – controlling everything and everyone around them. They seek the ultimate control of their victims. They usually prey on people who are lonely or have low self-esteem. Somehow, psychopaths seem to know just where to look to find these types of people. They’re not interested in strong, self-sufficient types because they know they can’t take total control of them.

The ways a psychopath takes control is by crying, begging, pleading and nagging. The partner usually gives in because they are generally givers, or codependents, and want to please their partners. After a while, the codependent gets tired of the constant nagging of the psychopath. At that point, when the codependent stops giving in to the psychopath’s every whim, his or her tactics will change. Now they’ll become more aggressive, bullying and possibly screaming at their partner. They may even throw the partner out of the house or turn to physical violence.

These people are very harmful to the average person. They feel the need to belittle their partners and have no remorse after doing so. They are mentally abusive as a rule. They can also revert to physical violence if they’re not getting what they want or when they want it. They make poor friends or lovers due to their constant neediness and demands. If you think you may be falling for a person with psychopathic tendencies, think very long and hard before diving in. They cannot fill the normal relationship needs of the average person. It’s always all about them. You will NEVER count in their life.