What can be done to Clean up the 2010 Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

The first thing that should be done to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is to stop up the leak.  The leak is still spewing out up 60,000 barrels or more of oil per day. How is it possible to clean up the leak when oil is still leaking? Workers would have to be forever cleaning up the oil. 

So how should the leak be stopped up. Previous efforts to stop the leak have failed mostly due to the pressure of the leak. Perhaps a device could be invented that is totally computerized to apply the same density of pressure to the leak that the leak is currently exhibiting. 

In the 21st century with the amount of technology available, it seems unfeasible that scientists have not come up with modern equipment if they are going to be drilling for oil. 

A device that can cover the source of the leak that is totally cushioned with an enclosure should be applied to the tube where the leak is originating.  Then through computer technology, the pressure should be applied – an increased pressure to the pressure of the leak.

Once the leak is stopped up, environmental technology should be applied when cleaning up the oil. Previous methods used at the Amoco Cadiz spill (1978) and the Exxon Valdez spill (1989) have proved disastrous to plant and animal life. New methods need to be used so as not to further endanger wildlife and wildlife habitats in the land and in the ocean.

Kevin Costner’s new device may be the answer. He has invented a machine that cleans the oil from water at more than a 99% rate. Perhaps this will work. But if there are other environmentally safe ways to clean up the water they should also be applied. It should be a quick, wide-ranging, and efficient process. 

If the clean-up is dragged out for years and years to come, certainly it will produce hazards to all the communities where the oil has soiled the land and the ocean environments. In truth, the environmental hazard produced by the oil leak is endangering the lives of all Americans and people coming to visit America. 

Hurricane season is on its way which could further disrupt the cleaning process and cause further environmental devastation with explosions and fires. 

Drilling for more oil in other places in the gulf should be stopped until scientists and environmentalists have come up with more up-to-date equipment and highly trained oilmen and computer scientists are available to operate the machinery and technology.