Shopping the Blues away

Unfortunately shopping to me is tiring, annoying and nauseating so what is the solution to curing my blues…

I am a woman and I dislike shopping but my husband loves it, he can spend hours moving from store to store looking for something, I must admit I do appreciate a bargain when I see one but ultimately I find shopping boring. If I need something I prefer to go to the store, get it then go home. I work in Marks and Spencer’s so I see the craziness of shopping every day and to be quite honest I think its pathetic to see people queue for hours on end to return something that they bought in the sale for half the price it originally was which they didn’t really want in the first place, why whats the point.

After the Christmas sale the return queue’s were a mile long throughout the shop every day for two weeks and I looked at the people and thought to myself ‘have they not got anything better to do in their spare time than to return goods to exchange for something else that they neither need nor wants’.

Get a life…there are so many other more healthy things to be getting on with than spending your time shopping, its a waste of time and money unless you’ve got a valid reason to spend all day searching the stores which I don’t believe happens on every day off do you not realize that God provides you with money to spend wisely, maybe if you turned to God for guidance on other matters you wouldn’t have this compulsive desire to shop till you drop. I personally believe shopoholics need to dig a little deeper into themselves rather than the local mall to find out why they spend so much time on such a mind dumbing pass time.

People are drawn to the advertising and marketing of goods and get blown away with whats available to them, this is why debt in this country is so catastrophic and its not getting any better. Shopping is a social disease that is curable if your prepared to find out why your turned on by a manipulating and unjustified method of ignoring what other things you could be doing whilst fulfilling real desires.