Mind Mapping Strategies for Thinking through and Accomplishing Tasks

Clear thinking involves a number of processes. The object is to rid yourself of thoughts accumulated from direct contact with peers and others and the intent being to arrive at your own thoughts. Stream of consciousness exercises are excellent in presenting yourself to yourself on paper.

Being Socratic in training let me lead you if you can excuse the presumption in a mind clearing plan to arrive at your intended destination.

You are lost and wish to find your way home.

On paper you draw a diamond and designate it as where you are. You also mark the spot with some article of yours that will not be disturbed. You then walk or drive directly to the left of where you are. If after several hours you do not find yourself at your original marked spot you can make an assumption that you are not going in circles. And that is all you can make especially if you don’t recognize anything around you. Chance are however, that you will eventually find your way out.

If on the other hand you find yourself facing the marked spot then you can believe that you are going in circles. You again stand in front of your marked spot facing it in the same manner as you did previously. Only now you walk or drive directly to the right. I’m sure you get the picture. You do that until you arrive at a place where you recognize something and find your own way home. Accomplishing tasks are really quite formidable. The intent must be met with persistence. Your task must be as important to you as finding your way home if you are lost.

Once asked by a student when making wise and pompous statements were easy as they are in ivory covered spaces, the thought of persistence and staying on task were glib answers.

Staying on task is an objective for many mental health patients as well. Those activities are also great in developing mental abilities to clear your mind of thoughts and emotions and focusing on your objective.

Your objective is your focus point and your plan is your walking or driving. If you keep finding yourself back at your marked spot, you my friend are in a rut.