Tips for Analyzing Peoples Handwriting

Handwriting analysis, known as graphology, can depict certain personality traits and by studying a person’s handwriting, you can discover a lot about them. Learning how to analyze a person’s handwriting can actually allow you to take an up close and personal look at them without asking them a thing about themselves.

The unique science of handwriting analysis is basically simple. Of course professionals study it in depth, but the basics of graphology can allow you the ability to discover a lot about a person by examining their handwriting. And once you get into graphology, it can be very addictive. Being able to analyze someone’s personality before getting involved with them is a handy skill to have.

Pressure Point:
If you’re fortunate enough to have access to the pad they used to write on, you can simply run a pencil lightly across the blank page beneath and you will plainly see how much pressure they used. Otherwise, moving your fingertips across the writing will give you an idea of how hard they bared down on the paper.

Deep grooves caused by putting hard pressure on the pen, reflects a very passionate person who’s bold, domineering and outgoing, possibly a sports or outdoor lover. When the pen grooves are light and barely noticeable, it suggests a timid, caring and sensitive personality. Writing groves that feel normal and are neither deep nor light, imply a type of balanced personality.

Writing slant:
When a person is writing a personal piece, they usually have a light slant in their writing. Typically, writing that slants to the right suggests a strong, extravertive personality. However, if the writing slants heavily to the right, it is indicative of a dramatic, emotional type personality, prone to emotional outbursts and fits of anger.

Handwriting that is straight up with no slant intimates a serious thinker, concerned with facts and very focused. Writing that slants to the left, reflects doubt and uncertainty. A strong left slant reflects low self-esteem and insecurity.

Letter styles:
The lowercase letter t’ tells a lot about a person by the way they cross it. When crossed near the top, it suggests high self-esteem and of course, crossed at the bottom suggests the opposite. Large capital letters show pride and high self-esteem. Large letters with lots of flare indicates a child-like, imagination.

Writing that has just enough description to make the point is usually written by someone who is well focused and reasonably intelligent. Writing with very little elaboration reflects a person who is very rigid and straightforward. Long-winded writing with elaborate details suggests an inflated ego and arrogance.

With graphology, you can tell at a glance if they’re somewhat insecure or chesty and self important. Graphology is widely used in law enforcement as a tool for fraud. Experts in this field can even determine the gender of the person, just by examining their handwriting.

Handwriting analysis has become very useful in the corporate world as well. Large corporations are not only analyzing the handwriting on job applications, but also for clients to get a better picture of their personalities in order to be more effective in doing business with them.

There is so much more to graphology than is shown here, and there is a lot of information on the web that can give you some excellent tips for analyzing people’s handwriting. It’s actually a very fun hobby and a great skill to master which could become a very useful tool.