Science History

There has been a lot of controversy in science over what really killed the dinosaurs, And until recently they thought they knew what killed off the dinosaurs. That was a 10 km wide meteorite that crashed in to the Yucatan peninsulain Mexico, that caused world wide forest fires, tsunamis that were several kilometers high. And winters in which dust covered the sun for months at a time or even years. Scientists have thought that the dinosaurs were blasted, roasted and frozen to death in that order. Although recently a small group of scientists have found evidence that the impact theoryis incorrect, that they didn’t die off that way. Than they thought that it might have been caused by volcano’s, of course though no one has been able to prove any of these theory’s due to not being around when they happened. They are going off of evidence they are finding and rough time lines, there isn’t much else they can go on. They have to figure out if the time line of the death of the dinosaurs add up to the events that have happened 50 to 65 millions years ago.

Some scientists now believe that the dinosaurs might not have been born on earth, but in deed brought here by bugs carrying viruses. They believe that a virus killed them just as they did create them. It’s a hard one to find a certain answer for and I’m sure some day we will find the answer that so many people seek, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work. A lot of scientists, many many hours of searching and digging up bones. It’s going to take a lot of imagination and a lot of forensics. And even if scientists never discover what really killed the dinosaurs I think the biggest question is. How were they created? In order to find out how something was destroyed you need to know how it was created, it’s chemical makeup, what it ate, how it adapted to the climate it lived in. How they lived, what enemiesthey had. And of course climate changes, earthquakes, volcano’s, sand storms, droughts. They all come into play when trying to figure out how something was completely killed off. I honestly believe in the virus theory. But that’s just my opinion. So we can only hope that in the next couple century’s they finally figure out what killed them off and we can finally put this issue to rest, even though science will never put life’s mysteries to rest they can at least say that they finally know. What killed off the dinosaurs for sure.