Dinosaurs Science History Evolution

Of all Earth mysteries natural, extinction of dinosaurs, the ideology-freest historic occurrence attracts humans unstoppably. Probably, this topic presents a sort of the intellectual exercising as much as jugging attracts folks of different walks of life, united with their both common belonging to a human race and belief to improve health conditions: at the end of the day, Practice is mother of wisdom might hardly exclusively be deployed beyond the reasonable doubt to transfer any dinosaur-related hypothesis offered into axiom.

Such mental equilibristic could forgive Sherlock Holmes (SIR Conan Doyle’s lovely novel creation – a London-based private detective famous for achievements in pre-pre-computing times) -style approach to a subject immortal.

Neutrally and impartially considering the theories presented to date can hardly deny either logic or possibility of impacts suggested with any of them. Eventually, integrating separate effects upon a passage of history natural would get a better, realistic result.

Therefore, dinosaurs had not extinct in momentum, but it had taken a period to adopt planetary changes.

Therefore, a temperature drop at the end of the Mesozoic era, a change in the sea levels could also not be blamed on/for, because gigantic world ocean monsters also ceased while planetary flora and fauna did not.

Therefore, environmental change did not kill everything with global cataclysms as it conveniently supposed, as well as cosmic radiation itself was not a lone killer of giants: creatures producing melanin and plants deploying photosynthesis had survived on surface of the Earth.

Therefore, neither geo-mechanical nor virological stresses did – the most adaptable to survive! And existing folklore traces presence of some archaic creatures round globe even in times more close to recent ones.

As an author had written already, resistance towards wrath of a nature is an object of consideration: the history of nature is the history of survival of which mutating by resisting the mutations is a very core.

While thermonuclear reactions were steadily and unstoppably occurring beneath mankind’s feet, their products affect a planet from inside instantly, altering all patterns-from elements to complex ones-with traditional tool entropy is. Creating the elements and more complex components following, is continuing. So, what really killed dinosaurs?

Not so much at all might in scientific libraries be found of a planet as a changing physics object itself , which allows a wrong assumption that the Earth is in status quo: a planet shape, size and atmosphere content alter upon a time and differ from start parameters, and dinosaurs were much lighter in then pre-historic environment.

As a planet changed, creatures so do-and dinosaurs had NOT vanished, they had simply evolved into different species some survived till a time recent.