Report my Science Fair Experiment

This in its own right is not a science fair experiment, but let’s just take a look as if it were one. We have this organization known as N.A.S.A. It seems we are still using what some believe is a doomed technology as our shuttles. Now I’m not one to shake a finger at the worlds most advanced space program, but it’s time we look at power systems that are not only achievable but practical. I’m talking about an inexhaustible fuel supply and a thrust system using just the powers that we’ve been using since the 1800 or perhaps even earlier, there environmentally safe they’re great on the ozone, and cheap? Yes, I said cheap. In Russia there was a scientist in Russia that proved everything on earth like spiders, frogs, plastic, and even wood can be magnetized. Have I got your attention yet, good! It’s a known fact that 73% of all Americans believe there is other life in space and UFOs do exist. So if that were true how would we get around this vast universe of ours from star to star at light speed or faster? How would we be able to study black holes without giving in to the gravitational force that they contain? How could we study the sun without the gravitational force sucking us towards a collision course with the biggest ball of fire we know? Well it’s easier than you think and once we establish the basic tools we would never have to refuel our crafts. Electromagnetic force would be the answer to all of these questions, let’s start with basics. Everyone has seen those clocks in stores and in magazines that have two little probes that you stick into a potato and it has enough energy in it to run a clock. Every animal, plant, human and even the earth has it’s own electrical charge and this can be proved by the magnetic pull of the north pole. Now let’s go way back to the biblical days of the “Arc of the Covenant” Reconstructed by American scientists back in the forty’s we found that the Arc as we’ll call it, was nothing more than a capacitor it created electricity. The electricity was so great that they had to carry the Arc on large poles of wood and it was also said that if anyone touched it directly they would die (undoubtedly from electrocution). Something that would create that much energy just based on it’s shape and the material it was constructed from. An inexhaustible fuel supply and the fuel? Electricity! Now everyone has seen a magnet attract to another magnet and in the same sense we’ve seen magnets repel each others force when faced the opposite way. OK let’s do the math, their are forces like heat, gamma, florescent, incandescent, and all together about 13 different kind of rays coming from the sun and everything in space regardless of size has gravitational pull of some kind. These are forces that are being pushed through or pulled down in space and everyone of these forces are a form of electromagnetic forces. (
So lets push for more ways of moving quicker, safer, and yes cheaper than what we already have, it’s here America. It’s now tomorrow!