Italy Earth Quake

Mother Nature on the War Path

When bad things happen we always want to pin it on someone. Even if it was a natural disaster that would have happened regardless of the warnings. Lives could have been saved; but since the people weren’t warned; or for that matter when warnings aren’t taken seriously then a loss of life is the result.

The L’Aquila Earthquake is an example of tragedy that hit hard. At 3: 32 am while people slept the disaster hit. Why? Because the buildings weren’t designed for the impact. So many people died in the Italy Earthquake because the warning(s) weren’t taken seriously. Even though the area was experiencing subtle earthquakes for three months, around Sulmona. Which is located 30 miles south of L’ Aquila area.

The Italian National Institute of Geophysics, and the US Geological Survey; both reported that the earthquake was measured at 6.3 on the Richter scale. Which killed 150 people, and injured 1,500. Toppled buildings everywhere; leaving toxic fumes in the air from gas lines, and all of the other crushed toxic debris. In astonishing 40,000 to 50,000 people were left tragically homeless, to be evacuated. 7,000 people remained behind at the Tent Cities; that were erected in the piazzas, and park areas. Civil protection officials estimate that between 10,000 to 15,000 buildings were damaged including historic buildings.

Could something have been done to make a difference? – Warnings, and safety measures should have been in place; and even consideration for Evacuation Measures thought out fully just in case things were to get worse. In addition, a “Better safe than sorry”; attitude(s) would have helped for the proper action in prevention of the 150 deaths.

– Build green, and earthquake proof buildings. When natural destruction happens, toppling building; the buildings that take their place should protect in the repeat of the misfortune.

Could natural disasters be prevented?

– Effects from them can be reduced by building buildings that hold up in natural disasters. – Smart Changes need to take place. Earth friendly structures need to be built to save lives and eliminate waste.

-If the world’s structures were built green, and natural disaster proof / earthquake resistant; less lives would be lost and less waste on materials.

People would be safer, happier, and healthier living in and being in natural disaster proof structures that are earth friendly. We can’t stop mother natural from wrecking havoc. But we can make better choices in what we choose to build, buy and rent. If the big bad wolf is coming and going to blow our house down how should we make it? Same goes for the big bad earthquake; for instance and other means of natural destruction that hits us hard.

Old out molded habits need to change. Make way for the new; of going green, and building practical structures that will hold up through hard impacts. For instance, look at the pyramids; they are still standing. Why don’t we make our structures to withstand the test of time, and disasters? That doesn’t mean we need to live in pyramids but to be practical, go green, and build up self sustaining buildings. Especially when it comes to Global Warming, and Natural Disasters events that happen in the world and will continue to do so forever. The difference from today and the years to come is that the weather cycle will get worse before it gets better. People need to prepare for hard times with chaotic weather phenomena.

We need to have way better building plans designed to withstand the turmoils of mother nature’s assaults. Buildings must be design to withstand earthquakes, and other events that are likely to happen in that particular location.

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