Report my Science Fair Experiment

My very first science fair was exciting I was building a model which had never been invented by and adult, but I was a fifteen-year-old teenager hoping that I could show adult that teenagers were cleaver than they thought. My challenge was to make the first ever prototype of a Time Machine, after all it was not real but a simulation to show how one would actually work. I planned the every single step with the greatest detail having watched numbers of movies and read loads of books on the subject it became an easier task than I had thought a first.

As I arrived at the science fair I was nervous however I had a few tricks up my sleeve in case anything went wrong. I held my breath as I walked passed each contestant I was number #30. As the judges began to test each project I made sure for the last time that my prototype was ready for them.

The Prototype had two sets of portal-simulators which at this time had failed to work; I tried to figure out how I could fix the problem before the judges had chosen me to demonstrate the project.

I began to fiddle with the portal-simulators which had failed to work, I took a look at the generator and saw that it was on, so what was the problem with it? I took a deep breath and scanned my brain to see what I must have missed out – the judges had reached number #28, there was two left before me – panicking I began to see the portal-simulators one of the two lights were flashing and it came to me HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID! It was so obvious the generator was connected to the portal-simulators which were made to take an object from one end and bring it out of the other set of the portal-simulator like a real portal would have sent an object from one end and transport it to another destination later spiting it out the other end.

The switch was on and both lights were flickering, I crossed my fingers and restarted the generator – SUCCESS! – I had done it, just in time as the judges had arrived in front of me.

I gave a small bow before I demonstrated the prototype, I went better than I had though I passed the challenge and was awarded first prize for being the first ever teenager to make a prototype of a Time Machine.