Report my Science Fair Experiment

Mine was a report on changing a bad habit to a good habit. Here is my report.Time For a Change

The goal that I set for myself was to limit my intake of unhealthy liquids (such as pop) and increase my intake of more healthy liquids (such as water and green tea). Plus I would also like to increase the amount of time I spend time outside doing healthy activities (such as riding my bike or jumping on my trampoline).
The procedure or plan to accomplish this goal is to prepare a cup of green tea at night, put it in the fridge, and then drink it the following morning. The reason for this is so that when I wake up in the morning I might not want to spend 15 minutes preparing tea, when I could get a coke in a matter of seconds. I really didn’t need to have a clear-cut plan to go outside more. It was easy because I enjoyed it more and more every time I did it. Basically it took a little will power to stick to my plan but over my entire plan was simple and easy.
Over all, this project was easy for me. It took a little bit more than just skills in reading and writing. Like normal school work. It took determination and discipline to accomplish my goal. But with a bullet-proof procedure I could not fail. Sometimes sticking to the procedure was harder than others, like once I just couldn’t help myself and I had two cokes instead of one. I always went outside more often than before this project though, that part of my goal I never failed. During the course of this project I tried to keep going outside in moderation, and I believe that that really helped me out in the end. By moderation I mean going outside for a half-hour one day, then go for an hour the next day, and so on. I believe that my project really helped me to break my bad habits and that my procedure turned out to be a complete success and my goal was met.