Real – Real

For the people that believe the Moon landing was a fake, do you really believe this inept government of ours could engineer such a sophisticated hoax, and keep it a secret for more than forty years?  In fact, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, have a third party hold the money, and whomever can produce the best evidence about the “supposed” Moon landing wins the money.  If you’re not willing to put up, then shut up!

It’s quite bizarre that some people still believe the Moon landing was a hoax! For the people who really believe this, do you think the entire NASA organization could keep a secret like this for over forty-two years? How about the families of the workers? Do you really believe all the scientists around the world studying the data and the Moon rocks could be studying phony material? And keep a secret as well? Come on, get real.

Much of the current space program today is based upon data accumulated from the sixties and the seventies. There are thousands of experiments today still working off of the information collected during the Apollo era. If somehow this was all faked, how do you explain the advances in the space program today? Was all this just made up?

Before people blow their own horn about fake missions and landings, begin by answering these questions. Buzz Aldrin was on the tube begging any one of these disbelievers to get in contact with him and he will convince you he was on the Moon. Whatever evidence he has, he is willing to put money on it. If one is willing to put money on it, then it should be respected. If one is not willing to challenge the second Man to land on the Moon by producing their evidence, then their position can’t be respected.

There are always conspiracy proponents willing to disbelieve anything the government has been involved in. Our government has been less than honest with the American people in many areas, and the world for that matter. But thinking that a huge undertaking like landing on the Moon was faked is too much of a stretch. It would be more difficult staging this event and keeping it a secret from millions of people than actually landing there!

For anyone that still doesn’t believe the manned Moon landing, go down to Cape Canaveral and start researching. Then go to Houston. Then to the Goddard Flight Center. Interview engineers and scientists. How about the astronauts themselves? If after all that research you still can come up with the proof that we did not land on the Moon, you will have discovered the most important conspiracy in history. You will be a millionaire. You will never have to work a day in your life again. With books and movie deals, start looking for a yacht. You will garner so much respect because you can back up your claim that people will never look at you the same way again. If you’re not willing to do the work, then silence please. There is enough confusion in our daily lives without more trash-talk.

To poke untruths about this great American achievement shows a lack of respect for all who worked on the mission, as well as the country. An awful lot of people sacrificed to meet JFK’s goal, and there were deaths involved as well. We landed on the Moon because we knew we could do it. We knew we had the talent and the desire and no one can take that away.