How do you know there was a Moon Landing – Real

If for no other reason than that the US government could not have successfully orchestrated such a hoax, I believe that the US Moon Landing was real. The radio astronomers in Australia would have noticed that the Dish had to be at the wrong angle to receive the signals, if nothing else. So many people were involved, and the material brought back from the moon was not what was expected. It supports the theory of the moon’s origin which had been ‘out of favor’ for so long. That there was an impact with the earth and the moon got much of it’s mass from that collision.

It is also very apparent that the landing actually occurred, because what was left at the site is still present. If the landing had not occurred, the Soviets would have put a man on the moon. They did not. We could go on, but for what reason? The final question is not one of the Moon landing, but of disbelief in the face of evidence. There are those people who believe in UFOs, that is extraterrestrial beings who visit the earth. There is no ‘hard evidence’, but still they believe. Some of the same people who accept the existence of extraterrestrial beings without proof will state that the moon landing did not occur.

I once knew a man who stated that “If they had of landed on the moon, it would’ve gone out.” I suppose that opinion is as intelligent as saying “they could have faked it” and using that as proof that it didn’t happen. There exists no logical reason to fake a landing, we lacked the technology to fake one and if we had possessed such knowledge we would have just sent a man to the moon. It would have been cheaper. I remember watching the ‘moon launch’, and it was a national event. Computers were huge and slow and had little memory at the time, so the journey was extremely hazardous. President John Kennedy had set the goal, but was assassinated before it was realized. Every school age child was at least slightly interested, and the curious tried everything to get even a tiny bit of information that was not available to the public. In the face of so much prying, and given the government’s ability to not even be able to keep the Atomic Bomb a secret, I doubt that we wouldn’t have learned, very quickly, if the whole thing had been a hoax.

The news media were all over the space program in those days. If any reporter had discovered even a hint that some tiny part of the project was not ‘on the up and up’ as they used to say, that reporter would have run with all speed to collect his Pulitzer prise and make his lifetime reputation. I can’t even imagine enough wealth to have dissuaded every reporter that might have discovered some tiny fact to debunk the project. Also consider that the American Public was filled with people who believed that a landing on the Moon was impossible. Some had religious objections and others simply believed that such a thing could not be done, but for whatever the reason, there were more than a few who would have jumped at the chance (and did) to say that the landing never took place. The problem that existed, and still exists, is that the evidence was overwhelming and the hoax was unprovable. Nothing was ever found to indicate that a hoax had been perpetrated. Unless some information surfaces that explains how such a monumental secret managed to remain undisclosed, in spite of almost half a century of searching, we can only surmise that the mission was launched, the landing occurred and the men who were honored for the trip are not liars.