Quantum Superposition Atemporality and the Direction of Entropy in Relation to Eternity Infinite v


This is like asking one such as a human, to stand on the point of a pin; take a step off, and simply hope we won’t fall into the abyss of Eternity.

The quantum superposition if being so finite as to suppose we can take a minute step in such a diversity as the Infinite we call Eternity, and is neither to know we are retreating or progressing. To literally make such an absolute turn around, with the knowledge that we will step back into chaos; is more than one giant step for man to handle. He has enough already to assemble in his own collective elements.

If this direction of entropy points with a definite sign-post (be it visible in such a universal science as the quantum’s allow,) there has to be some-one who has been to Eternity and back to signify any measurement at all its physical science. Even quantum superposition would be that all the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle still missing, will automatically just fall into place as the elements should.

Hoping that each like a stepping stone – or giant quantum leap of certainty – our only amoebic particle of theoretical virtue will take our weight. Or carry us as a whips of quantum superposition back into a space time dimension of… are we there yet, or is there more to come? The place called atemporality, or timeless.

Elements of the unknown all lie within the universe of each of us – within our sub atomic thermodynamic elementary and transitional particles – right through to the seeming chaos of decay. We shovel every component required to keep us fueled to create an infinite layer of cells required to hold us in an overlay called skin. As long as the life-span of our own nuclear decay exists while in this superposable state called human, we will continue within our own field force.

So while on the pin-point of quantum superposition, instead of stepping off, we can use our own electromagnetic energy, vacuuming every quantumized molecule around us, to us. By doing so, we draw on all variable changes created via the quantum superpositioning; propelling us by repulsion within an non moving vacuum.

Through this, we create from what was a seeming a state of entropy, a transverse tunnel in which we can now safely step off the pin. By turning matter back on itself from what would have been a physical phenomenon of universal conformity, it has been transformed into a usable state.

There is nothing in the universe called energy, which is not transferable, transitional, reversible, or any other attribute, which cannot be utilized when known how to superimpose. The atemporality is unaffected by the space time dimension of Eterniity’s Infinite variables.

The only unknown factor is the inconsistent knowledge yet, within this field of thermodynamics.