Is there a Correct Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

There are many interpretations to quantum mechanics. The craziness of the ultra-small has proven to give the greatest thinkers of our time a run for their money. I believe it is time to set the stage right. The finial interpretation of quantum mechanics is here.

The question arises in quantum theory, is it a particle or a wave? Now we know that it is a wave until an observer takes a peak – then it is a particle. Neils Bohr has called this the principle of complimentary. Other physicists speak of reductionism. So the thing we are concerned with is this weird “thingy” that exist in multiple states and places at the same time, until of course someone looks directly at it. At this point the weird “thingy” is forced to decide, if you will, which state it is to be found in. It appears to us that this “thingy” is randomly jumping into these states. This however, is not the case.

These quantum particles or expressions, as I will choose to refer to them from now on, simply choose which state or experience to jump into. So now we have expressions as particles and states as experiences. With these new concepts, I will demonstrate how we are to interpret the strange behavior of quantum mechanics.

Every one that has spent some time trying to wrestle with this content, has without a doubt mentioned how bizarre this world of the quantum actually is. So far removed from our everyday experience that it took scientist 20 years working with it to have any understanding of it at all. When I learned quantum mechanics I immediately noticed the similarities between the weird behavior and our everyday experiences. Please let me explain.

Quantum particles or expressions, exist in a so-called superposition until they are interacted with. They are aware of all these possibilities at once. This sounds familiar – if you think of yourself as being aware of many different possible life experiences that you could choose from at any given moment. Sometimes you randomly just choose to do something and at other times you plan something to experience, like a date or a movie or something. If some observer was watching you (and was the size of our galaxy) he/she might conclude that you were existing in a so-called superposition of all possible experiences until you randomly jumped into one. Of course we know that you simply choose that experience. Likewise on the quantum scale. Maybe these quantum particles are aware of their possible experiences, and simply choose which one to experience. To us they appear as just little points popping in and out of existence, similar to that of the galactic observer watching us. But we know that they are simply expressions of consciousness just like we are, who when forced to make a decision – make one. Sometimes they are favorable and at other times not so favorable.

We have been talking about a new principle here. The Emerald Principle. This principle states; as above – so below, as within – so without. This is the basis for this new interpretation. With this new interpretation comes the outstanding realization that we can predict with a very real number, the chances of you experiencing a certain experience. We can say that you are just a quantum particle or expression, who has a very real probability of choosing a certain outcome, state, or experience.

The real interpretation of quantum mechanics predicts, that by focusing our thoughts on what we wish to experience, we can in principle change the odds of experiencing that reality. This is exactly what the movie “The Secret” produced by Rhonda Byrne has claimed.

Imagine for a moment if you would, that maybe every level of our physical Universe is alive. The quantum level, the molecular level, the cellular level, the human level, and all the way up to the Universal level. Maybe galaxies pop in and out of existence as observed from the Universal level. Maybe Universes pop in and out of existence as observed from the Multiversal level observer, and so-on.

Humans are confined to experience reality at the human level, while quantum particles or expressions are confined to experience reality at the quantum level. It is possible now to see that the whole Universe has but one observer with an infinite amount of possible experiences. This is exactly what the cutting edge sciences are providing evidence for today. This means that you have a very real and spiritual connection to the creator of this physical Universe.

Reality is but the result of one being who is dreaming is such a way that all of the characters dream too.