Could an Omniscient Spiritual Field Conserve Quantum Superposition Information – Yes

Yes, I believe that a faith based spiritual field may underlie all of the apparent quantum mechanical concatenations that comprise the field we humans interpret through cognitive facilities as a spatial universe set in time. It is a wonderful appearing Universe with ever increasing mystery isn’t?

Since Albert Einstein’s general relativity was issued with ten or more equations from which physicists might extrapolate the expansion of a Universe eventually humanity has returned to the future of what a Universe is such as might Parmenides or Democratis have considered. We can consider with Leibniz a spiritual monad universe that has been issued an initial endowment of one dimensional windowless monads or membranes of one dimension from some kind of perturbative vacuum in a pre-big bang era.

Why did virtual membranes issue such as we might consider one dimensional strings to be of two dimensions? Why were they set apart in various intervals, and why was space arranged without initial time or nominal scale at all such that it might scale up/change? These seem illusory characteristics in some way; as insufficiently contemplated metaphysical paradigms for cosmological boundary conditions de novo.

Not being much of a mathematician as might have liked and a little better logician, I must speculate about the limitations and application of the calculus of Newton and others in the context of extra-dimensional investigations. Recently I ran into the logical philosophy of Arthur Prior and tense logic. It seems quite a little like algebraic group theory and matrices with contingent and temporal, logical ordered relations. So what if our cosmological speculations are contained in such intervals and units of reasoning as cohere within the phenomenality of being and nothingness that forms so much of our theoretical knowledge in abstract reasoning?

What if a continuum of undifferentiated basic correct perception is required to understand a concatenated series of apparent temporal relations that are perhaps just apparent and contingent upon the order the entirety is woven together as one and perceived from as a frame of reference?

Petr Horava from UC Berkeley has developed a theory of quantum gravity described a little in the Dec. 2009 issue of Scientific American. What if his possibly statistically derived calculus of cosmological field equations uniting the major and the minor aspects of the evident universe are bound up in the unknown quagmire of Priorian-Killing Group symmetry contingency complications? Because human observers are now familiar with perceiving the knowable universe in a set major cognitive premise the minor mathematics of the major-minor space-time unification become subject to separability as a working parameter in order to fit the known facts together.

That is what I meant by my limited mathematical knowledge-to what extent are Lie and Killing group mathematics unified consistently with infinite yet renormalizable dimensions of Priorian Tense logical contingence matrices? Obviously the uncertainty of the quantum worlds would be usefully modeled in contingent, simultaneous in temporal orders and actualizations such as found in all possible worlds modalities constructed with Priorian logic. A calculus of simultaneously infinite contingent logical orders may be a necessity for portraying a Universe that is recurrent or with any finite boundaries at all that a theory might infer.

A finite or infinite Universe has logical parameters consistent with mathematical representations of it. An it may be that the essential unit theory of any representation mathematically or logically of a Universe is limited itself in consistence with the capabilities of reason.

I liked Gasperini’s book ‘The Universe Before the Big Bang’ and not least for his concluding comment that he believed God created the pre-Big Bang era. There is much room for upgrading of the speculations of Plotinus, yet I wonder about that logic of tense (temporal) order as a half of a calculus of contingent intervals of being and nothingness that leaves no more out of the intervals of the theory than whatever space-or time, Spirit or limited knowledge contrasted with omniscience places therat. Redundant and overlapping scales of space-time and energy between intervals of issued actualities may complicate making accurate calculations of what lies within and without the major and minor physical lines of being.