Psychology of a Disorganized Person

Disorganization can be a great indicator of personality. And personality is a great psychology topic. So is disorganization. By understanding a little about the personality types you can begin to understand a little about disorganization.

The two major focuses on personality are extroverts as compared to introverts. And there is a consistent relationship that shows up in personality studies between organization and being introverted or extroverted. Not that being introverted means you are going to forever be disorganized or disorganized at all for that matter and vice-versa for extroversion. All it means is that introverts, because the way they deal with the world, have a likely hood for disorganization. And extroverts, because of the way they deal with the world are more likely to be clean.

Introverts deal with the world around them mostly in their mind. They constantly analyze, critique, and have conversations with themselves inside their heads. You know you are managing to talk with an introvert when you get strange long pauses after talking to them. Just be patient as they are thinking about how to appropriately respond. In that, they often look dumb while they respond especially when caught off guard. They are often in their own little world.

Now what does having their own little world have to do with the fact that their bedroom is probably messy and office space a mess. Well being involved within themselves causes them not to be as aware with the physical world around them. In some cases introverts can become so involved in their studies that they become a complete mess forgetting to shower, brush their teeth, and manage basic hygiene. But this is rare. However more likely to happen to an introvert.

Another factor that leads introverts into an often semi-disorganized life is there lack of interest in being around people. Introverts prefer being alone. This doesn’t mean they are antisocial and have some sort of illness that needs attending. It just means that being around people consumes a lot of energy for them because everything around them, especially a party, is in need of analyzing, critiquing, and thinking. The likelihood of an introvert hosting a party is slim to none. And therefore they don’t feel a need to maintain an organized home because they are not going to be having people over.

An extrovert on the other hand really loves to have people around and they also love hosting parties. Their focus will be to enjoy the environment and the people around them often being the center of attention. Sitting down and working on a project however becomes very difficult for these type. Keeping clean however is not. Extroverts are very aware of their surroundings because they are not spending time in their own little worlds. They are focused directly on the world around them causing them to pick up on messiness when an introvert would perceive something as better than some places. 

But these things are no reason to put off cleaning an office or to doing work. Both introverts and extroverts can be clean or messy. But more often than not you will find introverts a little disorganized. Professors are great examples. Take a look at their offices. And teacher’s desks can often be disorganized as well. Ever hear a teacher or professor complain about not being able to find something on their desk? Most likely because they were preoccupied with something intellectual while they set it down. An extrovert is more likely to remember where and when they set something down because they weren’t thinking about anything necessarily complicated. This does not imply stupidity either.

So there you have a little information on introverts and extroverts and the reasons why they may be disorganized or organized. Hopefully this dispels some of the more common but less influential explanations on why certain people hate cleaning.