Common Myths about Introverts

Did you know that there is a war brewing between introverts and extroverts? Not the type of war where there is arguing and bloodshed, obviously. This is more of a silent war; some people think being an introvert is all but a crime and should be fixed because it is a personality flaw. This train of thought is rather silly, don’t you think? They act is if a person has a choice to be introverted or extroverted. There is such debate between introverts and extroverts that myths regarding introverts have sprouted up over the years. Read on to learn about some of these myths (some really are amusing).


Introverts are not necessarily shy, they just prefer interacting with one close friend, rather than a room full of people, at a time. The fact of the matter is, once you get an introvert talking about something they are really interested in, you can hardly get a word in edgewise! 

Hate public places

This one is just plain silly. Introverts enjoy going out as much as anyone else; they just don’t need to be there as long as some people do. Introverts go to their destination, do whatever it is they went to do, and then are ready to go home and recharge their batteries. 

Always want to be alone

Introverts do enjoy being alone with their thoughts, feelings and projects. But they, like anyone else, can get lonely if they do not have close friends to share their thoughts and ideas with. Introverts are comfortable being alone and prefer it sometimes, but they are like anyone else and enjoy quality time with people they care about.  


Introverts are not odd, weird or strange. They are simply not as boisterous as extroverts about their lives. Introverts tend to enjoy activities that require thoughts and emotions, as opposed to social gatherings and loud public places. 

Hate talking

Another silly myth about introverts. They enjoy talking about things that they are interested in, just like anyone else. The difference is they do not see the point to chit chat; they say what they need to say and then are done. 

Do not like people

It is not that introverts do not like people; rather, they enjoy spending time with their close friends over being in a place full of strangers. Some people can talk for hours to someone they just met; introverts are not like that. It can take time for an introvert to warm up to someone, but once they have learned to trust that person, then they will be friends for life!

As you can see, it is human nature to fill in the gaps, so to speak, when people do not understand something. Introverts are not weird, creepy people that have a hatred for society and hide out in their rooms all day! Introverted people are simply less outgoing than extroverted people. Introverts enjoy quiet time alone to process things like social outings and things they have learned recently. They do value close friendships and even enjoy going out once in awhile.