Challenges of being an Introvert

I believe this title lends itself to the writings of extroverts’ opinions because as an introvert, I don’t believe I have any challenges.

Extroverts may believe introverts have challenges because:

The Squeaky wheel gets the grease:

The louder an extrovert speaks the more attention is given – if you squeak and squawk loud enough, you may get all the attention.

Is this true? Introverts sit quietly in the back observing what’s wrong and eliminating the squeak before it needs any grease. We don’t need anyone else to come around and give us handouts because we’ve evaluated the situation, analyzed what needs to be done, and have come up with solutions before issues have gone too far and need others to step in and lend a hand.

Dating is so hard for introverts:

Extroverts are social butterflies and meet people quickly and easily. Extroverts ask that cute guy or hot girl out on a date, and date many people before finding their perfect mate.

Introverts don’t need a lot of trail-and-error to find their soul mate. We sit in the back of a room, observing guests or party goers; and behind a group of extroverts a familiar face will shine and an instant connection will transpire. Somehow a sense of “we must have met before” overwhelms our being – we have just met the perfect person.

Not much hit and miss is necessary for an introvert: We know who we are; what we love; who we are from a deep inner self awareness; so meeting that special person is instantaneous.

You’re so quiet, you must be bored:

Extroverts need continuous interaction with others for satisfaction. Introverts find peace and serenity from within. When our friends are busy and our loved ones have plans, there’s no fear for an introvert because we’ll enjoy a night to ourselves.

Cuddling under a blanket with flames roaring in the fireplace and reading a good book, or enjoying a movie alone is not a lonesome experience. If a close friend or loved one joins us, that’s fine, but not necessary.

But the extrovert is not always happy alone. Friends need to be around. Enjoyment is felt with the company of others, which is not always easily obtainable.

Extroverts believe introverts eat their dust while they lead:

Extroverts believe introverts are loners, boring, sad people who allow others to walk all over them.

The introvert quietly leads unbeknownst to the extrovert – never underestimate the brilliance of an introvert.

Many extroverts are so busy trying to be heard and to be at the forefront, they don’t see the introverts who have led the way with their talent, their knowledge, their advice. The introvert plans the speech the extrovert will deliver. The introvert organizes the extrovert’s plans and sets the agenda. The introvert is behind the scenes doing, making, planning, and writing what the extrovert will deliver.

Silently introverts listen and have shown themselves to the world as some of the brightest, most talented individuals: Bill Gates, Steve Martin, Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall, Isaac Newton, Michael Jordan, Onassis, and Warren Buffett are just some introverts to be respected and who show true capabilities of an introvert.

Introversion is not a nuisance; it’s not bad; it’s not boring; it’s not a challenge. It’s a trait to be cherished, loved, and most importantly, respected.