Preventing Homosexuality

Watching porn is a perfectly healthy expression of ones sexuality and is the inalienable right of every American who comes of age. That is something sacred in our culture and it should be protected.

That said, there are very different kinds of pornography and Americans need to be protected from that which does not feature consensual adults in life affirming situations.

Fundamentalist religious fanatics tend to be the biggest fans of censorship of pornography. They have always claimed that it causes anti-social behaviour. The religious right doesn’t like anything that they think contradicts their doctrine even if it plainly does not in any possible way.

Anti-porn crusaders have never used reason or logic to explain why they believe certain things are bad. I, myself cannot find a single passage in the bible that suggests pornography is bad or unhealthy and neither can they unless they twist words as they so often do. I know a lot of old people don’t like it because they don’t like the idea of young people having the kind of good time they never had in their day. I know it and I could not possibly care less about their petty, stupid feelings.

I could explain the libertarian view but I think it has been outlined enough times over the centuries in courtrooms and newspapers. My open support of a certain kind of pornography comes from a different perspective.

Many of these same anti-porn people have the view that homosexuality is a choice and that North American society condones the gay lifestyle which they vehemently oppose and condemn. I happen to share that view and that is why I celebrate the production and availability of heterosexual pornography.

One cannot control human sexuality as many disgraced religious leaders have proven with their own spectacular and very public failings in that regard. But proper stimuli can provide a needed catalyst to spark the perfectly human and decent desires within young heterosexual men and women. A young heterosexual man needs proper stimuli lest he go down a wrong path. He needs to have confirmation of the normalcy of his lust.

A sexualised vision of his ideal woman is a huge part of the formation of his sexual identity. Our young people need to be getting a better sense of pride in their heterosexual identity. The lumping of sexuality and lust and sin together with homosexuality is what causes confusion. As a kid visions of Lorraine Olivia, and Renee Tenison, African-American Playboy Magazine Playmates were definitely a part of the formation of my sexual identity. My physical expression of my needs came later. My appreciation of African-American Playboy Magazine Playmates continued when Elan Carter joined their ranks. In my father’s collection I found 1980 black Playmate Ola Ray. I love the sistas.

Gender war feminists take the position that pornography exploits women. Theirs is a warped view that only very deranged people could conceive and have. It is similar to the view ludicrous right-wing religious wackos in just that one way.

Porns popularity can do nothing but increase as it well should constricted only by the disciplines of the free market. The availability of heterosexual pornography should not only be more widespread it should be given as much of a mainstream platform as possible. Let us bring out into the open something wonderful and life affirming.

Lets stop lying about viewing pornography and trying to relegate it to some dark corner. It is NOT wrong or dirty and the only people saying that it is are those that uncomfortable with their own bodies and those of others. If anyone is anti-social it is them! Porn of the heterosexual variety is as thoroughly American as apple pie. Our soldiers who bravely defend our freedom overseas use it and always have. They celebrate the pleasures of the flesh which created them and their ancestors before them.

We don’t need to go in to a full list but I have heard of all kinds of bizarre varieties including something called “Clown Porn”.

As for gay pornography I have never seen any. I don’t mind if it stays that way but I have better things to do than fight to suppress it.