Human Sexuality

The subject of human sexuality is a captivating and a controversial subject. This intriguing topic has captured our imagination and our attention since the magnificent civilizations of antiquity. Possibly during prehistoric times. Some people consider human sexuality as one component of our normal and natural condition. They are quite frank in their discussion and writings regarding all aspects of human sexuality. These individuals deal with human sexuality in a mature, reasonable, objective manner. Others consider it a disgusting disease.

They seem to be ashamed of human sexuality as if it is dirty and nasty. They’d love to sweep it beneath the nearest rug like ordinary dirt so they’d never have to deal with it again. They’d really enjoy keeping their dusty little secrets hidden from everyone else. Others feel comfortable joining religion and human sexuality together. They advocate rigid boundaries regarding human sexuality and they seem to condemn others who do not share their viewpoints.

I feel that human sexuality belongs equally to body, mind and soul. Human sexuality involves all five senses. A person should be more aware of his/her particular needs if he/she utilizes all of his/her senses. Truly engaging all five senses simultaneously should provide true fulfillment, intimacy and harmony. Human sexuality should focus on caring, sharing, and love.

In my opinion, human sexuality is an art form. A very elegant one. I am not referring to pornography. Some could view that as art; others could view it as trash. Nevertheless, pornography will always be connected to human sexuality whether people like it or not.

Human sexuality seems to be a complex condition because so many different sources have provided outside assistance regarding a very intimate part of a person’s life. Courses dealing with human sexuality are probably offered at certain liberal high schools and possibly offered at a number of colleges and universities. People can purchase books on human sexuality that will enable them to enhance their lives and expand their knowledge of this fascinating subject. People seem like they are more comfortable with this topic than ever before. Human sexuality contributes to our well-being if it is dealt with in a positive manner. Although some people let it take over their lives and then it completely destroys them and it ruins the lives of other people. Some people use human sexuality to exploit others.

Human sexuality is used in a negative manner. People rape other people. Victims range in age from tiny babies to elderly women. Victims even suffer at the hands of their own family members and close family friends. People who are unable to control the negative aspects of their own human sexuality often go far beyond committing illegal and immoral acts of sexual terror. They chose murder as a permanent way of silencing their victims. These cases normally make headlines around the nation and/or world. But human sexuality is not always connected to negative situations and horrible outcomes. Sadly, for some people, human sexuality represents confusion regarding one’s own sexual identity. Years of inner turmoil and an immense amount of pain and frustration.

For most people, human sexuality has the capability of healing. I’m talking about endorphins. They involve neurotransmitters. Endorphins are natural pain killers. They provide a sense of happiness and when they are released, they actually lower blood pressure. Orgasms and endorphins share a delightful connection. As scientists decipher the many mysteries of human sexuality, we will develop an even deeper love and appreciation for this intriguing area of our lives. Human sexuality positively expressed is absolutely wonderful. Every sexual encounter is an intricate step. More complex steps are added until they finally form a delightful dance. It is music for the soul. Literature throughout the ages contains many prime examples of human sexuality. Human sexuality has unbreakable bonds with anatomy, theology, psychology, fine arts, history, medicine, culture and criminal justice. People may try to ignore human sexuality but it usually demands one’s full attention.