Pregnant Men – Yes

Sure, why not? It isn’t exactly my thing, but who am I to tell someone what to do? By all means, if that gender allowance will advance other potential advancements in medicine and biological science, I’m all for it.

So what is the real issue? For everyone saying no, it has to be religion and laws of nature based. Or maybe the issue is selfishness; only women are allow doing it because they have the right equipment for the job. Well, from the last I heard the “pregnant man” in the news was really a woman who had a sex change operation and kept the necessities for reproduction. That was his/her right of choice.

Now, aside from altering one’s natural body in appearance and still being able to, there’s the real issue at hand: taking a healthy male and either through surgery or genetic manipulation granting him the ability to conceive. If it can be achieved cost effectively and safely, I’m fine by it. If there are problems or the cost is too steep I think it would be discouraging until the proper technology came about.

Considering that safety is no longer a factor, let’s look at the positives it could have on society. In this age of open sexuality there is a concern that the shifting trends towards same sex couplings could have a dramatic impact on populations down the road. If males could conceive this would no longer be an issue. Marriage between same sexes would no longer be as difficult to permit. Also, with the rising number of working women and homemaker men in society, there could be a great benefit if the women didn’t have to break from their companies due to maternity leave, where they could conceive through normal means and have their male partner carry their child. In that respect it wouldn’t be far off from an Emperor Penguin male carrying and guarding its mate’s egg until hatching.

Keeping an open mind is also good because it can lend to increased knowledge in female reproduction. If science can eventually achieve successful ability in males then it would be just as simple to fix problems for the other gender. The future of sex changes may look up as well, which could benefit anyone from the gender confused to a new type of witness protection, the possibilities are limitless.

So as soon as we get rid of the protests and the morals stopping it, the sooner a different future – as well as new lives – can be born.