Should Men be Allowed to be Pregnant and Conceive Babies – Yes

First of all I have to admit I was a little surprised by the number of ‘No’ responses compared with the ‘Yes’ responses. Silly me for thinking the world was getting more liberal and open-minded as time goes by. What is the real reason behind the objection of men having babies? Selfishness on the part of women? Stereotypical maleness being flushed down the drain? Confusion over gender roles?

The issue here is not whether men should be allowed to have babies because men can’t. Biologically “real” men can’t. It is only those that are born with male and female parts that are at issue, and those who are born with wrong parts and elect to fix it through surgery. It is only because the person chose to embrace their maleness without giving up his female parts and who undoubtedly looks a man that society has a problem with his pregnancy. Very superficial. But that’s society.

How many of us feel comfortable and right about making decisions that don’t affect us directly and forcing them on others? It is not for me or you to decide whether men should be allowed to have babies. Those who can bear children and who want to bear children should bare children. It’s as simple as that. Would any one of you who answered no to the right of men to have children disallow a person with Down Syndrome or little people from bearing children only because they look different and because it isn’t as common? Or at least it wasn’t a few generations ago. It was looked down upon by society. The same society that had preconceived notions of what ‘family’ is and who were against interracial couples, homosexuals and countless others. People with mental illnesses used to be sterilized against their wills.

Who are we to decide what is and what isn’t right. And as for nature and it being natural only for women to bear children, you need only tell yourself the obvious. Nature isn’t perfect. Children are still born deformed, with numerous limbs some of them, conjoined babies, and both male and female parts. And these things are due to genetics or a combination of genetics and other factors. Needless to say, we are not the only reproducing species. Some animals can reproduce without a partner. It’s called asexual reproduction. Among some fish, males become pregnant. So maybe we should look at this issue through nature as a whole and not only through human nature.In conclusion, it is my opinion that we humans have the right to live our lives the way we see fit as long as we are not hurting or diminishing the lives of others. And that includes our fellow man, animals and nature as a whole because we all share the same planet.