Should Men be Allowed to get Pregnant and Conceive Babies – No

That’s an interesting and novel topic for debate but personally I feel as a woman that pregnancy should be best left to women. We are the mothers and nature has chosen us for the responsibility of bringing another life into this world. Let us not mess with the nature.

For a thought it is full of fun and some women may like it just to let the men know what it is to carry a living being in your womb for nine months, however, let me just remind everyone that a man’s body is not created for conception.

Fertility has always been associated with women and the reason is that a woman is a giver not a taker. She gives her love naturally without any questions. She nurtures the seed of man till it is ready to come out and face the world. Yes, true men are also sensitive and they can also nurture but we have to realise that their nurturing is different from a woman. A man will nurture a family by providing materialistic things to the family and not the emotional ones.

Since time immemorial man has been the breadwinner and a protector of the family and woman a homemaker taking care of the family, and although with time certain things have changed like women going out to work and equally contributing in family’s income but we have to realise that there are still few things which will never change. No matter how much we try to change them.

Also if men were allowed to become pregnant and conceive babies then there will be a major role reversal. Who will be the father and who will be the mother? It will be quite confusing for the child or are we neglecting this fact or rather we feel that everything else will be normal like a woman will always be a mother irrespective of the fact that the child came from his father’s stomach (can’t think of calling it a womb).

I might sound orthodox and some women might say that I am going back in ages but through the years I have realised that certain things don’t change ever. God created us women as nurturers as mothers why do we want to interfere with that? Why are we so unhappy with ourselves that we want men to become pregnant and bear the pain?

I delivered a baby three months back and believe me that every minute of pain was worth it when I held my son for the first time. We women have tolerance power which men don’t.

As I said it is an interesting debate topic let it be a topic and let nobody get this crazy idea of getting their husbands pregnant.