Should Men get Pregnant – No

My reason for not believing a man should be able to conceive a baby and be pregnant is purely based off of religion and selfishness.  I think that it is not up to the human race to make these types of decisions.  If God wanted men to conceive a child, be pregnant, and deliver a child, then He would have set things up that way.  Men were not created to do that physically.  Also, I do not think men should be able to have that opportunity.  It is a right given to a woman, and for a very good reason. 

I think that the human race is starting to go a little “too far” when it comes to its technological advancement.  There are some things that were not meant to be messed around with.  Male preganancies and human cloning are on the top of that list, in my opinion.  There are reasons why God did not make an opportunity for men to conceive and be pregnant.  One of which is that the male body is not set up that way.  Women have a uterus that is made to hold and support a baby.  Women have vaginas to enable the baby to come out during vaginal deliveries.  Men have a tiny little hole at the end of their penis, not big enough for a watermelon size baby to squeeze through.  Another fact is that men do not have a structure in their body meant to contain and nourish a placenta and a baby. 

I am very protective about my right as a woman to conceive, be pregnant, and deliver a baby.  Women were meant by God to have that type of mother-child bonding experience; not men.  Honestly, I feel that men are meant to go to work and lead the household.  I know many women do not agree with that statement, but I do.  I am old-fashioned in that way.  I do not think that marriages can be as successful when the wife is the one working everyday, making most of the money, and taking care of the finances.  I just don’t think men were meant to take a passive role in marriage or in parenting.  My experience is that women do not respect a man when they are passive.  I’m sure there are some marriages that can be successful when set up like that, but I do not think that is the norm.

It is selfish that I want to keep the “God given right” of pregnancy to women and women only.  I do not think a man can handle a pregnancy as well as a woman could.  There are exceptions to every rule.  If the woman in a relationship does not want to be pregnant and carry a child, then the couple should look into other options such as adoption or a surrogate mother.  Women struggle with hormones, birth-control pills, and monthly menstruation, we deserve our “rite” to bear children!  Men should just accept the way God set things up!