How many people live on both sides of the street of the block where your residence is located? Between you and me, I do not have even a clue as to the number of people who live within my neighborhood. I know those people who are my neighbors but I never took the time to count just how many people there are who live near me.

Then again, that kind of information is extremely important to the business people, the local politicians and those who provide other community services to the population of people who live within the entire community.

In that regard, population density statistics are used to determine the cost of such community services and provide data to business people who would like to know how many of those people would then become customers of any new business establishment that would be built within that particular location.

From a political point of view, those local politicians also have to have a way of estimating tax revenue for the coming year, so that there will be an adequate number of people employed to insure the safety and well being of that population. So too, they will have an idea of how many teachers will be required to meet the educational needs of the children and also to provide library and recreational services to those who will most certainly be users of such services.

It is most certainly true that making ones way on this Earth and particularly within the United States of America, people must have jobs in order to remain healthy and alive. The most number of people, per square mile, do live in one of a few of the places where most of the jobs are located within the Country. Yes, per square mile, the highest population density, namely the highest total number of people within those places, are known as our largest cities.

Because of that fact, it costs more per person for each of those working people to live in such a place. The Real Estate Taxes are usually higher for the people who own personal residences, as well as for people who are renters, because the owners of those rental properties must maintain a livable environment of each of their tenants.

So now you have some idea of why it is so important to know how many people live within any particular square mile within any Country upon our Earth. That kind of data truly is most helpful in the planning for the future growth of those places within our Country, to insure that all of the people are as happy as they can be. Is such information a matter for your concern?