AIDS Virus Population Growth – No

I hesitate to start writing on this subject because the title in itself is so ludicrous, I doubt if I can eek out 400 words to defend my position. I find it difficult to believe that anyone in our civilized world would think that anything should be allowed to be a ‘natural’ way to stabilize population growth. That sounds Nazi Germany, as if we would step away from research to allow people to die. Barbarian. I would buy into China’s one child policy to stabilize the population before I buy into that. Any society that does not do their utmost to promote the sanctity of life is primitive. With that sort of policy, who’s the next to go? The elderly? Ah, yes, that would be a solution to the burgeoning social security problem. Welcome them to their golden years with maybe a last hoorah, a great going out party, and in the hole they go. Put a limit on age. When they stop paying taxes, it’s time for them to check out. Did I really read that the Eskimos used to set grandma in a kayak and send her off to her fate after she could no longer chew blubber, or was that just a bad dream?

If we as a society don’t strive to find cures for all diseases, we have ceased to advance. But not to fear, for those worried about stabilizing population growth, it is, I am sure, a never ending battle, a race that not all of us will win. As this is read, someone is dying of disease. Your population concern was just stabilized.

As if there is a population concern anyway. That is a myth. If you took everyone in the entire world, and placed them three feet from each other in one single square, you’d have a square filled with people less than 50 miles square. Don’t believe it? Do the math. That does away with the thought of people filling our planet like ants on a floating turd, doesn’t it?

Really, instead standing by and letting nature take its course in purposely knocking off people to support the fallacy of stabilizing population growth, I’d be more in favor of stabilizing the increase of Wall Street crooks, you know, the ones who are getting big bonuses while the federal government is bailing them out. Yes. let them die the death. Let their jobs go down the tubes. Maybe instead of perpetuating the scam that is in Wall Street, more would become farmers to feed our little fifty mile square of people. Or perhaps some would go into research and find the cure for AIDs, and we can delete this topic all together.