Declining European Population Rates and Fears of Minority Population Growth

European birth rates are declining, and the population of European countries is not. What does this mean? It means that a lot of people are immigrating to European countries, and the majority of them are Muslims. A lot of people are scared that European countries will automatically turn into Islamic states, and that Europe will be fundamentally changed. However, there is a lot to consider before you just jump to that conclusion. While it is certainly possible that this scenario occurs, there are a lot of things that say it won’t.

When people move to another country, they will inherit some of the traits of the culture they now live in. I saw a video on YouTube that was in response to a video called “Muslim Demographics” that was a scare tactic video saying how Europe was going to be lost to the Islamic revolution. It was a study on immigration to The Netherlands, and it pointed out that eventually the youth wouldn’t even consider themselves Muslim. Even if they did, they would be so entrenched in the culture of thier home country that it wouldn’t even make a difference.

The difference between the Middle East, and Europe is that there is a real political process in Europe. You don’t have to resort to guns if you can resort to the polling booth instead. A peaceful way to air your grievances is the difference between a society that has less violence, and one that supports the survival of the fittest. Besides, it isn’t like immigration is something that has to kill a country. In fact, it can make your country stronger.

When I first started thinking about this debate, I was curious as to what it would mean to have a country that was dominated by immigrants. Then I began to consider that my own country is dominated by immigrants, and that the US wouldn’t be the same without them. Not only that, but the US is going to be going through some demographic change as well. By the year 2050 it is said that whites will no longer be the majority race in the country. Does that scare me? Not too much, it is hard to be a diverse nation if we don’t allow diversity in.

Does anyone remember Apartheid? Blacks were 90 percent of the population of South Africa, but the minority white population was firmly in control. My point is that just because you are a minority that you have no power. It also goes to show that even if you are a majority that it doesn’t guarantee that you are in control. Even if the Muslim population was higher than other religions, it doesn’t mean that you will see jihads, and the overthrow of the Christian church. If anything it means that the two groups might finally be able to live together.

The population changes in Europe are really nothing to be scared of. If it was any other group, we might not even be looking at it too closely. The key is the ability to live together, and just enjoy the diversity around us. There really isn’t anything to be afraid of, I think the majority of Muslims are just looking for a new life, and probably the chance to live in peace.