Orange Tongue Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Diagnosis

“People often forget to include their tongue, when they are brushing their teeth”

A human tongue normally has the pink color. However, it changes depending on the food that we eat. People may not be aware that it might be one of a symptom.

Coating on tongue, specifically an orange tongue refers to a kind of discoloration which appears to be orange or any shades including yellowish or brownish orange, and etc. It often affect young children, even toddlers and babies and especially adults. This usually happens during bedtime and waking up in the morning. Brushing your teeth daily is really important to keep our mouth clean. Common symptoms that accompany having an orange color to the tongue includes:

  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Tongue dryness
  • Bad breath
  • Mouth itching or sore

Worst may be:

  • Burning sensation on the throat
  • Orange saliva
  • Allergy or cold symptoms like sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose and etc.
  • Stomach upset
  • Fatigue or weakness

An exception of a symptom of this condition is having eaten too much of a certain type of food such as carrots or tomatoes, or having consumed something color orange.

Now why is my tongue orange? Here are some lists of causes and its cure to prevent this condition:

  1. Food Debris

The pieces that are left from the food we eat or we drink can cause orange tongue. It can be prevented by brushing with a tongue scraper to remove them. This way, the yellowish coat will be gone, and would give you a fresher breath.

  1. Overgrowth of yeast and bacteria

Symptoms as having a bad breath or burning sensation on the tongue can be a caused due to overgrowth of year and bacteria. It affects men and children particularly babies, they tend to suffer orally from yeast overgrowth. A simple remedy for this is to keep away from dairy (besides yoghurt, Katis or Skye), soda, alcohol (especially beer) candy and fruits. These counts along with enriched or bleached wheat found in many breads, are the foods of choice for the organisms that keep you out of balance and keep your tongue orange. Eating yoghurt with live culture daily for about a week decreases the overgrowth. Brushing the surface of the tongue for at least twice in a day. If symptoms persist, consult the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Acid Indigestion/Heartburn

It is usually a main cause that your tongue looked orange. It’s an imbalance of microorganisms that lives on the mouth especially on the tongue. A treatment advisable for this is to take anti-acids. And brushing along with those, should cure the symptom. Reducing the intake of acidic foods or starting a low-acid died could also be a way to prevent this.

  1. Mold in the Environment

Living in the environment with molds could lead to the condition too, it could be on the environment at home or at work. To avoid this, start getting rid of the mold in your environment. And try natural remedies such as gargling or taking grapefruit seeds orally for antifungal medications and it might he a little help if you do not get rid of the molds.

If you notice your tongue always look more orange after you come home from work and also you feel like you have allergies, this may be a signal that there is mold in your workplace that you are breathing in.

  1. Antibiotics Related Cause

Antibiotics can cause an imbalance in a natural flora that could be a cause of orange coating on tongue. In case if the cause is uncommon, doctor should be consulted. Treatment involves restoring the balance of the healthy oral flora. Some options also are taking probiotics, it should be taken twice daily with food to be prove beneficial, as it help in growth of new colonies in the mouth and the gut. Second, taking anti-fungal herbs to keep bacteria level in balance. This includes garlic and oregano to keep yeast, fungus and virus under control. Amino Acid L-lysine is also good for the condition. Lastly, is a herbal tea containing lemon grass to be taken in between meals to help restore the balance in the mouth, leaving it in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it is also helpful. Do not add honey, milk or sugar in the tea.

Looking at those possible causes of an orange coated tongue, we mentioned cures for each. Here also some general tips and precautions that might be useful to anyone who has this problem.

  1. Good tongue hygiene

We should kept good oral hygiene. Brush your tongue by stroking forward from the back towards its tip.

  1. Change your diet

Foods that promote yeast growth or cause acid reflux is a thing to be avoided. It includes coffee, candy, alcohol, white bread or any sugary food, as well as excessive use of spices. Reduce ng carbohydrate consumption with an exception of yucca, potatoes, oatmeal, bananas, plantains and dairy products except yoghurt is very helpful.

Here is also a list of possible treatment options that may be prescribed based on the symptoms and individual diagnosis.

  • Taking medications to clear up underlying overgrowth of yeast or bacteria fungal issue
  • Taking probiotics and yoghurt or both to restore a healthy balance of intestinal flora and fauna following antibiotic use.
  • A change in dietary or lifestyle habits such as adding or removing certain foods, limiting use of alcohol or tobacco use, drinking more water or other similar changes.
  • Adding vitamin or mineral supplement to your daily health routine.

The most important thing is to not wait to seek help. Instead, you should pay careful attention to your symptoms and seek out the advice of a medical professional right away to ease your mind and help your body heal.