Onomatology the Names Analytical Research and Forecast Study

Names can foretell lifespan, prosperity and everything. A name may look simple but is actually a hint, a hidden indicator to past, present and future events.

A surname is actually the accumulated history of one’s ancestry and within it contains the power, the path, the destiny which you need to undertake and fulfill. A surname is empowered onto you the time when you were first born into this world. It is the path to which you need to take in this world and also the destiny which you need to fulfill with its given power.

While a surname tells your ancestry’s luck a name tells its owner his or her own luck and destiny. The wise can know all about you just by your name and year of birth.

Based on our research on the theory of the yin yang and the system of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, gold(metal) and water, we are able to predict and know to a wide range of things, events and timings including the fortune and luck, fate and destiny of a person, a business, a company, a brand, a product, one’s mortality, death or lifespan, one’s career and work, the cause and effect of events or happenings.

Our requirements are simple, we do not need any birthdates just the english name or chinese name of the subject, the year which the subject was formed, made or borned, male or female(if the subject is a person)

This totally new system theory can break the mystery of all times, it is a new found wisdom, science and philosophy of the metaphysics for many future generations to come.

To live happily, we must be able to learn or know ourselves, use effort to synchronize the force and elements in our life, thus bringing about the positive and elemental change in our lives and our environment, giving us a new lease of life, a second life. A name change may not be necessary sometimes.

Names have their statistical destinies. An average name of three words can generate up to over 12 million different destinies.

Some names are destined for success and other names to failure.

Names we mean here not only refers to human beings, but also as well as objects and animals carrying the names which we give them, for names itself is an indicator, a sign of the past, present and the future.

Abstract onomatology(or onomastics, ie the study of names) analyzes and reveals your luck and destiny. Do you wish to know more about yourself, your life and the world?