Chemical Names of Common Substances

Everything physical is comprised of elements.  To the ancients, those elements were simple: fire, earth, air, water and Aether.  Fortunately this didn’t mean much and so common names came into being.  Now the elements are more clearly designated and so we have chemical names as well as common names.  What are some of the chemical names of substances commonly found around the house?

Let us start with something simple, di-hydrogen oxide is found in every home on the planet, and that means animal homes as well as people.  This is because we all have it in our body as well as around the home.  What is di-hydrogen oxide?  Water!

Then there is a whole lot of sodium chloride on the planet and everybody has some in their home (as well as in their body).  Many doctors tell us we need to get rid of it, but others that it is essential.  It definitely tastes good, meat can be bland without some salt!

Doctors also get very worried about all those polysaccharides and carbohydrates that are laying around and children, as well as adults put in their mouths.  It can do nasty things to your body, but even nastier things if you have none ate all!  These are mostly various types of sugars and sweeteners!

May be you don’t like sweet and want to tarten things up or feel a bit sour, acetic acid is you answer.  It does not mean to become an acid head, it means try some vinegar!

Time to clean your act up.  Bleach is a common cleaning agent found in homes throughout most of the civilized world, and even a few uncivilized places such as Europe.  The strength and brands change, but the chemical name is always Sodium Hypochlorite.  Be sure to never mix bleach with ammonia or you will get one chemical that will be lethal, chlorine gas!

Time for a drink, think of the ethanol or ethyl alcohol, it is easy tio get and in one of the strongest forms is known as Everclear, grain alcohol!

And there are very few homes without some Silica Oxides in them, and it can inflict nasty cuts when it breaks.  It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and even thicknesses.  Try to be careful around the glass!

The list can go on, and on, and on, but it has to end somewhere and so this will end by giving out another website with chemical names of common substances, most are found around the home!  This includes paints, car fluids and almost everything!