Research Public Reactions to Study Findings Published Studies Accurate Samples Decline Effect

The decline effect phenomenon occurs over time with public reactions through behavioral modifications due to newly found research and news published as well as popular trends.  These findings, data and trends can have positive and also negative effects on the community as well as future to come.  Either way; study results become a shaping tool for future decisions, models of living and standards as they shift from being viewed as trends to becoming the “norm.”  Thus there are long-term impacts from studies conducted and resulting changes.

What is important for researchers to know, understand and do is to conduct valid and truthful studies to the best of their capability.  This is a standard that researchers abide by with stringent study frameworks to use and sample populations to work with.  Two other factors that can influence the results of a study are bias views and personal opinions.  When this occurs a study loses its objectivity and thus validity.  Sometimes however; even with the most accurate studies there is some sensationalism added from news reports.  And what is it that people listen too much of the time? – It is news indeed.  This is why it’s important for the public to identify valid test studies and those that may lack validity such as an adequate sample representation. 

Some published studies however will have a slower influence on the population at large depending on the subject matter involved.  For example, the growing population in the United States as well as most of the world continues due to better living conditions and access to care.  However, this doesn’t mean that published studies and their finding won’t impact the future to come.  This is because published results can have common findings revealing issues, problems and concerns.  Then these issues, problems and concerns can be referenced in further studies, investigations and planning for development of desired changes.  These changes can be used at high levels nationally or even locally within village communities.

Thus the need for accurate samples, data and published material becomes critical for published study results.  One of the ways professional researchers and scholars fulfill upholding their research standards is by having their research work and findings peer-reviewed by a reputable professional and scholar.  During this process; the peer reviewer will look for areas that may need improvements.  However, they also will look for valid and objective studies and findings.  As education, societies, science and politics evolve among other areas that affect peoples’ lives; it also opens the need for information gathering.  There becomes need for findings and proof to use on whether to initiate and bring about change or proof that particular theories are correct or incorrect and strategies to implement related to living and working standards.