Old Datanew Model

To begin a search for a Theory of Everything there must be a starting point. Just, maybe, this little essay could furnish a starting point.

OLD DATA/NEW MODEL Reversing the century old interpretation of the Michelson-Morley Experiment and renaming Planck’s Constant from a “Constant of Action” to the equivalent, “Constant of Angular Momentum, ” leads to a new model of existence, a simple model which may be comprehensive. The Michelson-Morley Experiment of 1890 showed that the Speed of Light. “c.” was a Constant of Nature (as nearly as could be determined) . The interpretation that was given to this-Albert Einstein seems to have been a major proponent of the view-was that this fact proved that the “Aether.” the all-pervasive something thought to be everywhere, does not exist. Light waves simply pass through empty space at the fastest possible speed at which anything can move.

This view seems to be accepted by the scientific community to this day. An alternative, almost totally reversed, interpretation goes something like this: The Michelson-Morley Experiment defined the maximum speed at which information is carried in the “Aether,” whatever it may be. It, also, showed that the “Aether” can act as if it were a solid, carrying the transverse wave disturbances which we understand as “light.” The maximum speed of information transfer from a point can be shown to be the average speed in any direction of the motion of the information carriers, whether these carriers be Pony Express Riders or Electromagnetic Waves. Considering this, “c,” the Speed of Light, would be the average velocity, measured in any direction, of the motions pertinent to the carrying of information. At about the same time as the Michelson-Morley Experiment, Max Planck was working out his famous relationship between the frequency of light waves and “Energy.”

The result is well known. It is the equation, “Energy equals Planck’s Constant times the frequency. That is “E=hu.” E can be expressed in “Ergs” with, “h,” the constant, in Erg-seconds, and “u, Nu.” in cycles per second. Erg-seconds is called “Action” and Planck called his constant the “Constant of Action.” Although action has the same dimensions as “Angular Momentum,” this fact was ignored. Had Planck called his constant the “Angular Momentum Constant-” which would have emphasized a rotatory aspect to Energy and Wave Motion-scientific theory might well have developed in a totally different direction. If we take Planck’s Constant as being an Angular Momentum Constant of Nature and equate it to the definition of angular momentum, “Mass times radius of the rotor times the velocity of the rotor measured at the outer edge (“tangentially”). we obtain the equation, “h=mrv.”

Since this constant applies for the movement of Information/Energy at the speed of light, “c,” it makes sense to evaluate this at the velocity, “c.” Doing this produces the equation, “h=mvc,” which can be rearranged to “mv=h/c.” This valuable little equation defines “h/c” as a “Torque Constant of Nature.” What more it discloses will be explained shortly, as applying a simple mathematical principle to the above leads to a new Model of Existence. Any equation in two unknowns of the form, “xy=K,” two unknowns multiplied together equals a constant,” can be rewritten in the form, AxBy=K=BxAy. That is the values of the “coefficients” of the units of the variables can be interchanged to give a valid statement. In this form, this little mathematical equation has much use in physics, It is the Law of Levers, the Law of Balance, the Law of Forces, and can be used as a defining statement for the Limits of an Oscillator, Noting this use in Oscillator Definition, we see that the equation, “mr=h/c,” is an equation of the type discussed above; and, therefore, can be considered to be the defining equation for a family set of constant torque oscillators, {mr=h/c}, with a torque of “h/c” and an average “size” at the value wherein the ‘Absolute Values” of mass and radius are equal, that is when, “m = r= (h/c)^0.5.” (4.7 x 10^-19 is the value, to two significant figures, found when (h/c)^0.5 is evaluated in “cgs” units. )

By re-interpreting the Michelson-Morley Results and taking an alternative view of Planck’s Constant, we have come to an alternative model of existence as within a something, “Aether,” consisting of rotating units, which are-or are organized into-oscillators of the family set, {mr=h/c}. We have found an average value for these oscillators and, have found a mathematically defined “dimension,” previously unreported, which would apply to all of these oscillators, this would be the “dimension” of masses greater than 4.7 x 10^-19 g. and radii less than 4.7 x 10^-19 cm. One major question remains about this as a model. How can the “Aether” act as a solid? A look at chemical theory answers this question. If the “Aether” be considered to be a substance at its triple point-where it can be solid, liquid or gas-this problem disappears. We have a model, therefore, which may be called and “Oscillator/Substance Model.” There is an open membership web site, http://groups.google.com/group/oscillatorsubstance-theory set up to explore, elaborate, and/or refute the implications of this model.

Follow-ups on this model give some potentially quite useful and informative views on a number of topics. Here are some examples: Law of Forces (Equal and Opposite)-Balanced pressures. Also, mathematically, as above, AxBy=K=AyBx. Force of Gravity-Not a true force, an observational fact explained by differential pressures, even if it can be, and is, handled mathematically as an “attraction.” Mass-Balanced pressures/tensions at a surface. Negative and Positive Charges-Result of counter-clockwise and clockwise spins of “stable” vortex oscillators/oscillations in the “Substance.” usually the electron or proton. Electron-Counter-clockwise-spinning, inverting-vortex oscillator/oscillation having oscillation limits of 9.11 x 10^-28 g. at 2.43 x 10^-10 cm. and 2.43×10^-10 g/ at 9.11×10^-28 cm. Proton-Clockwise-spinning, inverting-vortex oscillator/oscillation having oscillation limits of 1.67x 10^-24g. at 1.32×10^-13 cm. and 1.32×10^-13g. at 1.67×10^-24 cm.

Electron-anti-electron annihilation-Combination of these two vortex oscillators of opposite rotation but otherwise identical characteristics into a spherical, pulsating oscillator, having the same mass and size limits as either of the “halves.” (This was dubbed , “zerotron.” See article, “Negatron plus Positron Equals “Zerotron?” posted on SciScoop Pair-production-Reversal of above process…. The “Big Bang-” The instant of inversion-or splitting-of an oscillator creating a Universe/Anti-Universe Set. Neutrons being created on “our” side, which collapse to electrons and protons…. “Zerotron-” A hypothetical spherical oscillator, probably ubiquitous to the “Substance,” which is splittable to electron-anti-electron pair and deformable to the neutron and/or anti-neutron…. The above are some of the definitions/explanations which develop easily from this model, most of which do not seem to arise from any other model.

It is hoped that despite its proletarian birth from re-interpreting old data from a different view, people in the scientific community will give it a chance to prove its worth-or lack there of-without simply dismissing it “out of hand.” A very optimistic view is that Einsteinian Space-Time theorists will realize that they are actually talking about a type of Substance Field and reexamine their calculations. It will not be surprising if they fit in very well. He Standard Model devotees might try checking to see if their various postulates might not be simplified, reinterpreted or discarded in light of this model. Quantum Mechanics could conceivably be extended to other than positive numbers to account for the “hidden half of existence smaller than a diameter of about 9.4 x 10^-19 cm. Chemists and physiclsts might consider the effects of thinking about protons and electrons as oscillating units and positive and negative charges as being expressions of the different effects of reversed rotations in a medium. this model just might possibly be the start of a break through to unify the fields of physical science. If enough scientists were open-minded enough to consider how it might fit in…