Speculating on Plancks Constant

Planck’s Constant , which may be considered as either a unit of “action” or of angular momentum, may be far more significant than anyone has realized. Scientists have long ignored the fact that Planck’s constant, “h,” which relates energy to the frequency of electromagnetic radiation, has the dimensions of of angular momentum.

That the speed of light in a vacuum, “c,” can be considered the limiting velocity of information/energy transfer in some medium has also been overlooked. To these two factors can be added the fact that a circular object rotating at velocity, “c,” would transmit information tangentially at that same velocity.

Considering these facts, one can write ( for a postulated entity rotating at “c” with an angular momentum of “h,”) the following equation, m x r x c = h. In this equation, “r” is the object’s radius, “m,” is the “mass” of the object at that radius. We may rearrange this to m x r = h/c. The ratio, “h/c,” is a constant which we may call a “universal” or “standard” torque., The value of this constant would be approximately 2.21 x 10^-37 gram-centimeters., in centimeter-gram-second units. This torque constant could define a set, {r =(h/c)/m, m-(h/c)/r}, of entities whose “parent” unit would be defined by the set {m=(h/c)^0.5, r=(h/c)^0.5} wherein m and r have the same absolute values. Since the values of (h/c) can be considered as either a positive square-root pair, or a negative square-root pair, thid set description could be written as the set pair, {+m=+(h/c)^0.5, +r=+(h/c)^0.5; -m=-(h/c)^0.5, -r=-(h/c)^0.5}.

The two positive and negative pairs defining one entity, implies the possible existence of something which is not only rotating but is made up of two counter-rotating halves. Such an object is separable into two mirror image parts which can spin off in opposite directions with opposite spin orientations. That is mirror-image tops or vortex particles. As the electron-anti electron set presumably fit this last criterion, we have just noted a possible explanation for pair-production, and anti-particle, particle annihilation as respectively, splitting, and rejoining, of some member of our postulated family of entities.* It can be shown that the electron and anti-electron as well as the proton are members of this postulated family. It also, can be shown that the definitions above of (h/c))^0.5 correspond to values of 4.7 x10^-19 cm. and 4.7x^10-19 grams which would be a central sphere or circle through which all of the oscillators would invert. Largest size, smallest mass limits being observes in our Universe as the “Rest Mass” and “Compton Wavelength” and the opposite limits can be inferred by reversal of the absolute values. What results is the discovery of a “hidden half of reality.”

It can also be assumed that members of this set have a pulsation/inversion rate of one cycle per rotation. This may offer an explanation for the “Big Bang” theory of the universe in terms of our entity family. As a very large, “m” value pairs to a very small “r” value, and vice versa, some particular set could describe our entire universe as a pulsating entity , presumably consisting of two counter-rotating halves with a very long rotational period a correspondingly long pulsational period (as measured in our frame of reference.) The “Big Bang” would correspond to the instant of inversion through the “parent entity” which started this particular cycle.. ( It could also represent the instant of a splitting of the oscillator into two separate halves in the way it can be postulated that the electron and anti-electron are formed.)*

This entity-family-related-to-Planck’s-Constant model appears to be compatible with the Motion in a Matrix Model. In that model, electrostatic forces would be due to vortex particle interactions through the matrix and gravitational forces be due to a more generalized straining of the matrix. This seems to not conflict with the ideas developed here.

.[ Since the first version of this article was written there has been further development of the ideas first presented in the Motion in a Matrix Model with the development of an extension , The Oscillator/Substance Model which has a Google Group , http://Groups.Google.com/group/oscillatorsubstance-theory ]

The ideas presented here, while we have gone quite a ways from beginning speculations about Planck’s Constant, should be worthy of further attention and examination. Correlation with other constants of nature, for example, the Gravitational Constant, should be possible. Computer modeling might be of value. Since the above statement, it has been realized, that the Gravitational Constant should be reconcilable, in fact, the reconciliation with that constant is in effect the reason for Planck’s Number and the various Planck’s values, However, a careful examination of Gravity, shows it to be explainable an observational phenomenon of differential .pressures in a substance of existence; therefore, the Gravitational Constant as a central unit of great importance, as it was used in Planck’s work, may lead to errors and misconceptions.

*There is an article on SciScoop.com entitled, “Negatron and Positron Equals “Zerotron?” which discusses this issue.