Needed Discoveries

Dimino Dynamics: From Non-Existence to Existence

What is really needed in terms of discoveries is an awareness of the reality of dimino dynamics.

How is it possible for what is not to become what is?

If it is true that nothing gives birth to nothing, then it must be said that it takes something to give birth to something else. But something, in its earliest stages, can appear to be non-existent as well. Sometimes, it is only at a later stage of development that it appears to exist, or it can be shown to exist.

At some point in time and place, something that appears to be in a state of non-existence changes, progresses or passes through some kind of a phase that demonstrates dynamics that allow an actual state of existence.

This is what I will refer to as dimino dynamics, the dynamics of emergence from non-existence to existence.

Take the simple concept of energy as an example.

Energy may not appear to exist at times. If we were able to measure all of the energy that does exist around us, we might be totally astounded at what we find. We think that we are not living in an energy filled environment, simply because we cannot see, touch or feel it, while energy surrounds us, all of the time.

We can see and comprehend new and different forms of energy, which are now beginning to become familiar to us, like solar energy. We can even trace that kind of energy back to its source as the sun. We have not even begun to tap into the potential of solar energy in terms of its implications for the future of the world and humankind.

We are also beginning to comprehend the energy inherent in the wind and recognize the vast potential of wind farms, as a source of energy for the future.

What we do not understand is the dynamics of the transition from energy’s non-existence to its existence. The dimino dynamics remain a mystery.

When we begin to fully comprehend the dimino dynamics of energy, then our world view will change too, as we will begin to recognize the energy potential that actually exists everywhere, even though it does not appear to exist anywhere.

In our own homes, we can see all kinds of potential energy resources that may or may not ever have been recognized as such by anyone. We look for sources of energy like hydro and natural gas and totally ignore the energy continually being created by other sources.

Perhaps we are just not skilled enough yet to measure energy accurately. It needs to be measured in such a way that it will be considered to be of significance to us.

Watch the pendulum of a grandfather clock, for example. It creates its own energy field, simply by swinging back and forth. Have we learned how to harvest that energy in any other way, than to allow that clock to turn wheels that display time? Probably not.

Watch a plant that is growing and blossoming. Day by day, it gets bigger and taller. Has anyone ever thought about measuring the energy, that is being generated by just one plant alone? We know plants are a source of oxygen, but have we ever considered them as a source of energy?

We understand to some degree how magnetic fields work and the energy that results from them. But do we really know how to convert that energy for our use, to any great extent? One of the largest magnetic fields that we have is the north to south magnetic fields. Has anyone ever thought of tapping into that kind of energy?

On a smaller scale, we take water out of our taps every day, but seldom ever think about how much energy flows, as even just one tap is opened, to release water into a container or through a hose to water the garden?

If we take a look at mold growing on a piece of cheese, how much energy is being generated there? Can it actually be measured or captured?

What about the work of yeast? We can actually see bread dough increasing in size, but do not ever measure the energy that is being created by the yeast which is causing that phenomenon to happen.

Has anyone ever measured the energy of air rising in a room, as the temperature increases with the sun coming in the window?

How about the energy created by a dripping faucet?

Eastern medicine recognizes energy fields in the human body; western medicine is gradually becoming increasingly aware of the same kind of a phenomenon. Do we ever think to tap into these energy fields? Perhaps the practitioners from the east do, at least to some extent.

It is the dimino dynamics that need to be thoroughly examined, in order for us to comprehend the transition of the non-existence of energy, to the existence of energy. When that doorway is opened, humankind will become increasingly aware of the reality that energy fields exist all over the place. We just do not recognize them at this time, or comprehend how the transition takes place.

Once the transition has taken place, we seem to be able to recognize the reality of it. We also understand that it is then quite definitive in nature and something that stands the test of time.

Here is a challenge to humankind. Figure out the dimino dynamics of energy, as energy progresses from the stage of non-existence to existence, instead of focusing on the
rate of energy consumption per capita and the growing need for increasing amounts of energy.

We know that the need is there and that our resources are diminishing as well, or are they? Perhaps they might be growing and we do not recognize that reality yet either because we not comprehend dimino dynamics?

What is really needed in terms of discoveries is an awareness and understanding of dimino dynamics, particularly in terms of energy and energy crises. Then we can know how to tap into other pre-existent resources, that still appear to be non-existent, but are existing in reality as something and not as nothing.