Could there be a Basic Particle – Yes

The Unknown Basic Particle: The Invisible Butterfly

When we see a question like this, it would appear that the entire field of physics is far too broad for one to respond to this question, in any way that could be truly positive or constructive. Personally, since I know absolutely nothing about physics, that is a really good place for me to start, namely, in terms of total humility.

But, central to this question, lies a whole collection of other important issues that have remained unresolved, up to this time. One of those issues is that of the ongoing controversy between eastern and western medicine.

One must ask, “Which one is the method of choice for health care? Which one is the right one?
Why is one considered to be preferable to the other? Why is there such a degree of contention between the two approaches to health care, when both appear to want to do what is best for all of humankind, in terms of healing, health and wholeness?”

No one really seems to be able to answer these questions, or others like this, while both approaches to health care are deemed to have some merit.

Physics obviously has not gone far enough to effect a total resolution.

Maybe the problem does need resolution, in terms of the basic particle, or whatever it may be, that is the genuine link between the two approaches?

Let us take this a bit further, but keeping it relatively simple and easy to comprehend.

In the east, the focus for many hundreds of generations, has been on the concept of absence. This absence is frequently interpreted in terms of a void, nothingness, darkness or blackness, particularly when perceived in a context that may or may not be comprehended, in a strictly negative light or context.

“What good can come out of that?” one might ask. ” Of what value is a void? How can anything come out of absence?”

From another perspective on eastern thought, one might suggest that there is a more positive approach, leading to a different understanding of the absence or void. At some point, there is an apparent emergence of something, from the depths of absence or the void. This is often perceived in terms of energy or light that somehow emerges from the darkness.

It has often been said that the darker the night, the brighter the light appears to be. We can easily accept that truth.

“What does this have to do with the existence of a basic particle?” one might ask. “What is a basic particle?”

It reality, this comes down to the issue of “To be or not to be,” which is essentially a question dealing with creation and the emergence of something, which still appears to be an unknown of some kind.

It would seem that shedding some new light on the subject is a possibility, although whether or not it will be of benefit to anyone in the field of physics, or the realm of health care, remains yet to be seen.

Western medicine tends to focus primarily on what is considered to be already in existence and is provable, rather than on that which may or may not exist, or come into being from some supposed abstract absence or void.

The bottom line of creation is this. Even that which is already in existence, had to come from some where, probably from some place hitherto unknown, like an absence of some kind or a void.

I begin to see how eastern and western medicine could actually be linked. It is in terms of allowing the possibility of a truth, one that suggests that everything that is, has to come from somewhere.

Nothing comes out of nothing; something comes out of something.

We have difficulty seeing and understanding that which is not already in existence, even though it might exist in the form of some kind of unknown energy or essence. Yet we can accept an abstract concept like love. It has its own kind of energy which we all love.

We can perceive energy, especially when it takes on the form of lightning or electricity.

Interestingly, we can see light too. At some point in time, this too was probably not visible to the naked eye.

But we really are not be able to perceive or comprehend to any great extent, a pre-existing energy or essence, while we can perceive an existing substance.

There is another stage of development, or perhaps what might be considered as a third stage between the two realms, one that constitutes the stage of the emergence, from the non-existent to the existent. It is relatively unknown or unrecognized at this time.

I have been working with a new concept that could be used, in order to depict this stage of emergence. I will refer to as the dimino stage of a pre-existent particle. The particle is not yet in existence as a substance. Yet, it has within it, in its pre-existent stage, the full inherent potential to come into existence as a substance.

Consider this possibility with respect to the creation and emergence of a particle:

particle in a pre-existent stage
particle in an energy stage
particle in an essence stage
particle in a dimino stage of emergence
particle in an existent stage
particle in a substance stage

We do know that there is a point in time, where a substance emerges as an actual substance, which can be proved or measured in some way. Prior to that time, it could have been in an energy or an essence stage of some kind.

Can we suggest that in the absence or the void, there is a pre-existent particle that goes through a dimino emergence, into an existent particle? Yes, we can.

Simplifying this even further, we can see an energy becoming an essence, which in turn becomes a substance. How this all occurs, we really don’t know. The pre-existent particle becomes an existent particle.

Yes, there is a particle. The reality of the Particle from a higher level of understanding, is the reality that we have not comprehended all of its developmental stages. We have only recognized the particle in its substance stage of existence.

It appears that the pre-existent particle, is initially in its pre-existent stage and needs to emerge, like some kind of an invisible butterfly, initially depicted in terms of some kind of an energy or an essence. It will finally go through and emerge from some kind of a cocoon stage, like the dimino stage, into a fully visible, perfectly and wonderfully formed butterfly, as an actual substance which finally reveals its existent stage.

It is said that “East is east and West is west, and never the two shall meet.” I think that I might just refute that too.