In Praise of Scientific Progress

The Dimino Thread: The Presence of Energy

Scientific progress is on-going, but when we begin to praise scientific progress, we begin to realize that there is still so much that remains to be discovered.

Are we only finding fragments, or bits and pieces of scientific discoveries and completely missing out on the link that unites them together?

Everything that is anything, appears to come out of nothing, at least initially. This nothing, may or may not contain something, in one form or another.

From the stage of being definable as something, it would then appear to become distinctly perceptible, as an essence or a substance.

There appears to be some kind of an on-going process happening here and while this happenstance is not necessarily perceptible, or visible immediately to the naked eye, in actual fact, it might be definable at some stage of the change that occurs, during the transition from non-existence to existence.

In other words, while nothing remains in the state of nothing, it is does not appear to be perceptible. It appears to be non-existent.

When something emerges out of what appears to be that nothingness, then it would become possible to visualize it or to perceive it, with respect to having existence as a reality.

We would more than likely perceive it in terms of appearing to be, or being an actual essence or a substance.

Let’s look at the process in which non-existence becomes existence, for a brief moment.

How the process happens, we can only imagine or speculate. It becomes increasingly apparent that there has to be some kind of a linkage between the four stages, in order for this to be feasible or comprehensible.

We can understand the reality that we are able to see that out of apparent nothingness, there can emerge something, which in turn will become definable as an essence or an actual substance.

Look closely at these four stages in the non-existence to existence emergence process.

1. Nothing

2. Something

3. Essence

4. Substance

I am going to suggest that what links these four stages is the presence of energy in some form, or what I will refer to in the future as the dimino thread.

The dimino thread could be something that is really important in scientific realms simply because it has to exist, in order for transition to take place between the four realms.

The dimino thread is the common denominator between the four stages and what ties them together. It may also be what causes the process to happen.

We cannot deny that there is an understanding of nothing, out of which nothing can emerge, but there is also an understanding of nothing, out of which something can emerge.

Nothing, out of which nothing can emerge, is in a state of non-existence.

Nothing, out of which something can emerge, is already in a stage of existence, even though it remains indistinct and non-definable at that stage.

Something, is definitely in the distinctly definable plain of existence.

The next or third stage, needs to be something that is examined in the light of being a possible, or a potential essence. Essence would appear to be something, but as something that appears not to be concrete yet. It may or may not be perceivable to the naked eye, even while it does exist in time and space.

The fourth stage as substance, appears to be something which we can easily comprehend, simply because we can see it, touch it, feel it, taste it, etc.

All four of the stages contain some kind of energy, which links them and causes, or allows the transition or changes to occur.

I will suggest that the common denominator, in all of these four stages, is actually energy in some form.

The question remains as how, when and where this energy can be measured. We know it exists and cannot refute its existence. Without some kind of energy, none of the transitions could take place.

This is just one simple example of what is lacking in terms of scientific discovery and progress. I am certain that there are many more discoveries that will be found in the future.

In conclusion, I will state that while we will continue praise scientific progress, particularly where it improves the lives of humankind and our world, it will be with the awareness, that new discoveries are always on the current horizon of existence and possibly still held, or perceived to be, in the realm of what appears to be non-existence at this moment in time.