Natural Disasters how to Survive a Tornado

Natural disasters, including hurricanes and tornadoes, appear to be becoming more common and more destructive. For 2011, the number of deaths attributed to a tornado is over five hundred. The knowledge of how to stay safe in and survive a tornado has become something every person should have. The following tips should help increase the chances of surviving a tornado.

Get Underground

The safest place to be during a tornado is underground. For a homeowner, this is typically the basement or an underground storm shelter. In order to increase the chances of surviving a tornado, take cover under a workbench or a heavy table secured to the floor. If neither of these options are available, hide under the stairs if possible.

Reinforced Room

There are now companies that will build reinforced rooms into basements or garages to increase the likelihood of surviving a natural disaster. Plans are also available on the FEMA website for homeowners and builders to use when designing and building their own reinforced rooms. With the ability to withstand high wind speeds, these rooms have been shown to be effective at increasing the survival rate during a tornado.

Mobile Homes

If you live in a mobile home and there is a tornado warning, it is important to seek alternate shelter immediately. Mobile homes cannot withstand tornado force winds and can become flying projectiles in a storm. Further, mobile homes do not have interior rooms or closets strong enough to provide protection during high winds.


Bathrooms are often a good option when looking for an interior room in a home with no basements. Place as many people as possible or small children into the bathtub. To provide further protection and increase the odds of surviving a tornado, place a mattress over the occupants in the tub. This will help to protect them from falling and flying debris.

Tornado Safety Kit

A tornado safety kit can decrease the chances of injury by being prepared both before and after the storm. Have a battery operated radio and a map of your area. The map will help to pinpoint the locations of storms and the direction they are moving. Carry a battery-operated radio as occupants of the house move to more protected areas. 

Also, be sure to have shoes to protect feet from glass and debris after the tornado has passed.  If there is time, grab keys and identification before the storm hits. Alternatively, as a safer alternative, make copies of box and place in the safe room for access after a storm.

Any of these tips can help increase the chances of surviving a natural disaster, especially a tornado. The most important thing to do is to pay attention to the weather and remain vigilant during severe weather situations. Surviving a tornado is possible if the right steps are taken.