Tornado Tornado Safety Tornado Safety Tips Staying Safe during a Tornado

A tornado is a powerful natural disaster. Most people have difficulty remaining calm and acting rationally during a tornado. Yet, keeping your cool is essential to guarantee your safety during a tornado.

Try to remember these tips and to implement them in case of a tornado. Your security can never be guaranteed in the case of a natural disaster, but implementing these will help you minimize the threat.

You should know your home well. Each family member should automatically be aware of the best shelter place in case of a tornado. Good shelters include small interior rooms like bathrooms, basements and the area under the staircase.

If your house has a basement, it will be best to seek shelter there. Try to move without getting close to windows because of the flying debris danger. Stay away from large objects that could get lifted and thrown at you.

Keep mattresses and sleeping bags available in the basement. Cover your entire body with the mattress to minimize damage, in case flying debris is moving in your direction.

The situation becomes more complicated if your house lacks a basement. Select a room that is situated at the lowest level. Go inside the bathroom or any other small, well-enclosed room. Hiding under the staircase is another suitable option.

Crouch and cover your head. Keep your arms close to your body. If possible, cover yourself with a heavy blanket, a sleeping bag or a mattress. Keep your head low and look at the floor. If you have a bathtub, stay inside it.

Similar rules apply to people in their office. Find a small, enclosed room and look for available padding that you can use to cover your body and protect yourself from flying debris. Never go inside an elevator, since you will be stuck in it.

Being in any other public building (a restaurant, a mall, a church) could be more challenging. Staff will probably help you in such instances. Try to find a bathroom or a small storage room that is located in the central part of the building. Crouch the way you would have, in case you were home. Keep close to the ground and cover your head with your arms.

If you are outdoors when a tornado starts, start looking for shelter. If no shelter is available, move away from trees, rocks and other objects that can be moved. Lie flat on the ground, facing the earth.

Once you feel the tornado moving away, refrain from getting up fast. Stay close to the ground for some more time. Make sure that family members or people you were sharing a shelter with are ok. Offer first aid to anyone who is injured. Be careful, when stepping on the ground, broken glass and sharp pieces will be scattered around.

Move away from buildings that look seriously damaged. These could collapse suddenly.

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