How to Protect yourself during a Hurricane

Protecting oneself during any hurricane is very important. There are many techniques that can be used to make sure that a person stays stafe during a violent hurricane storm. People should always board up any windows during the storm. This is so that if the glass shatters, then injury to people in the immediate area is minimal. People should always listen to the weather channel so that they can make an assessment regarding whether they should relocate during the storm. It is very important to protect oneself during the storm so that permanent injury is not suffered.

If the location where a person lives is prone to flooding, this person should always evacuate when the local police department instructs them to do so. All outdoor furniture should be safely secured in another location so that it does not cause injury. Failure to do this could mean that someone becomes physically in danger because of flying objects during the middle of the storm. It is also very important that people in the middle of a hurricane have basic necessities. This means that they should have bottles of water and several days of nonperishable food available.

A person should also have basic first aid supplies available in case of minor injuries. Being aware of the nearest local hospital and emergency procedures is also very important. Avoiding use of electrical appliances during the middle of the storm is very important. When possible, staying away from windows and other glass objects is very important. Failure to do this can lead to cuts and other issues. People that live close to the ocean should not give into temptation to be near the water during the storm. Many people want to witness the fury of Mother Nature, however this is not safe.

If there are tornados involved with the hurricane, staying close to the lowest level of a dwelling is very important. Objects can become lethal in the middle of the storm. The closer a person is to the ground; the easier it is for them to protect themselves in the middle of the storm. When possible, people should carry a cell phone are on themselves during the storm in case of emergency. It is very important to remain away from any objects that are potential hazards during the storm. This means staying away from trees and any other heavy objects.

People should avoid traveling during the storm. If someone knows that they are going to have to travel, they should plan to do so before the storm hits. Being on the road in the middle of a hurricane can put people that have suffered injury at great risk. This is because the emergency response team may not be able to do their job sufficiently.