How to Prepare for a Tornado

“How to Prepare for a Tornado”

If you hear of a “Tornado Warning” you must seek shelter immediately as the danger of a tornado is imminent.  There are several places a person must NOT seek shelter from.  Never seek shelter under a tree.  Never stay in your car.  Do not be by any windows as flying glass causes many deaths during tornado season.  Being prepared for the tornado season is a must for everyone, a periodic safety drill at home can greatly increase your family’s chances of coming through a tornado safely.

Mobile homes are considered death traps during severe weather as they do not have the structural capabilities to withstand high winds.  If you must shelter in a manufactured home, go to a central location away from windows.  A bathtub or shower stall will provide some shelter.  Try and cover your body with towels, blankets, or rugs.  Closets can also be used in a manufactured home in an emergency.

If you are stranded in the open during a tornado try and find a shallow ditch or depression and lay flat on your stomach with your hands covering the back of your head. Even an outdoor shed will provide some measure of safety.

People who have regular homes or apartments should seek shelter in the basement of the house or apartment building away from windows.  A corner area of the basement is the safest place to be.

Small communities in tornado prone areas usually have a community shelter to stay in during the tornado.  Unfortunately they are not always easily accesable or there  is insufficient time to go there.

If you are in a tornado prone area try and keep a few things on hand in a duffel bag or satchel.  A cell phone comes in handy, as does a flashlight with fresh batteries.  Always keep a container or two of fresh drinking water,  and a small emergency medical kit.  If you take medication that you simply cannot do without, that also would be in your emergency kit.  If you have small children dont  forget to put things in the kit for them.  Sometimes a favorite toy in times of stress will help them through a difficult period.

If you follow these basic safety precautions your chances of coming through a tornado will be greatly increased.