Na – No

With all the scientific explanations of cloning, one would think that cloning is the next best thing since the coming of Christ! Human cloning is just another way to place man into that, “want to be God’ position and with this position isn’t man stepping into the world of Frankenstein? Aren’t we stepping very close to creating monsters? And this is not to say that the human clones would be monsters, but the people whom are doing the cloning can very easily cross the line. As humans we tend to go too far in many things we do.

The medical world would be able to produce human clones to find cures to our worlds’ many and ever growing diseases, and as with the many fights for and against abortion, there will be someone out there to debate whether or not the human clones are living, breathing humans. This would mean that science would be allowed to give human clones injections of various diseases, to see what the reactions would be in varied combinations; they would be able to poke and probe to find a cure. This might be a good thing for the cure of the many ailments of the world, but could also mean that science can experiment with germ war fare, or break limbs to watch the mending with new drugs and even cut out brains to see why one developed a tumor and the other one did not. All of this would be allowed because, there will be someone there to say, “It is not human, it is a clone and clones are not human”. Who is to say that the human clones would not be sold to the highest bidders in white slavery, child slavery, or any of different human trafficking worlds that our societies have.

Does anyone else see the word human in there?

What we have to remember is that we are humans and we are weak. We have to remember that one of the many sins of man is greed, and greed has brought down many of the worlds’ smartest and greatest people of the world. We have to remember that copying humans is coming very close to wanting to be God. If a person is trying to be God then they will also cross the line of where to stop their testing. Many will not want to stop at testing clones; they will want to compare testing of clones to humans.

For all the good that could come from cloning there are also too many chances for real humans to turn into monsters. The world of the mind of humans has too many doors that cloning could open and cause way too many problems.

Would cloning be helpful? Yes. Should cloning be allowed? No. We are just not ready for it!