Cloning the Real Deal

Did you know that scientists believe that cloning causes a high rate in deformity, disability, and death? Cloning people is very wrong because it’s immoral, dangerous, and would be very expensive.

One of the main problems people have with cloning is the fact it’s immoral. The president was quoted, “Cloning is a matter far too important to be left solely in the hands of the scientific and medical communities. It’s taking away the uniqueness and individuality of all citizens. If you were to clone a dying child you are taking the importance of the life away from the parents. This is violating the miracle of human life. On page 190 of the book Cloning, the Canadian Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies stated, “There’s no foreseeable ethically acceptable to the human’s situation therefore it should not be done.” One of the arguments for cloning is that twins have been walking the earth and haven’t been a threat to God. God didn’t create the clones in his will though so how are we sure that they have souls? Clones aren’t threatening God either, but it is playing God. Some people only want to use clones for harsh labor or warfare, but since they are exactly like a person they should at least be treated like one. That is why cloning would be immoral and playing God.

Cloning humans is also very dangerous as well as cloning animals. Even though for some animals it’s difficult to clone others including tadpoles, sheep, and dogs have been successful. Usually 90% of attempts fail, and 30% of clones born alive have an abnormally large or premature offspring. There was a sheep named Dolly, and it took 277 tries to clone her. If clones are used for transplants it’s now endangering a clone we made which is wrong. About every 100 experiments create an offspring, but it may not be alive. Even if it’s born alive the rates of early death deformity, and disabilities are much higher. Also we are putting the matter in danger with damaging her womb. Anything could go wrong with the clone’s birth including pregnancy failure and this is hurting the mother. This is how cloning is very dangerous.

Sometimes money is people’s first priority. Cloning animals and humans is extremely expensive. It costs $84 per try just on one sheep so imagine the price per try on humans. It took 277 tries before Dolly the sheep was created and if you do the math that adds up fast. This must have cost a lot of money and since some animals have a harder time being cloned it would take a lot more tries. 90% or more experiments don’t produce a visible offspring, and we don’t even know if the visible offspring will survive up to birth. Also there are very high rates of infection, tumor growth, and other disorders so we would have to spend even more money to keep the animals or humans with these defects alive. Tools sometimes cost over a grand and they are fragile and need to be replaced often. In 1991, animal activists burned two buildings belonging to the Roslin Institute Lab and it cost tons of money to replace. We could use all of this money for a better purpose like cancer. That’s why cloning would be so expensive.