Love at first Sight is Genetic – Genetic

The heart loves what it loves. This statement leads one to believe that no matter what we want or do, we are genetically predisposed to falling in love at first sight. Love at first sight is one of those intangible things that everyone wishes to one day experience. Most people in fact do not understand exactly what this means.

When first encountering our heart’s desire, we experience all types of sensory overload. Our heart rate quickens and breathing becomes shallow. A rosy glow suffuses our cheeks and certain reproductive organs become engorged due to greater blood flow. Our minds become fuzzy because all the blood has left our brains and flowed to these nether regions.

You ask yourself what exactly has occurred. Why am I reacting this way to seeing this person? What is so special about them that I would literally fall all over myself just to be near them? They smell so sweet, even though they aren’t wearing any cologne. They are pleasing to the eye in every way possible. Wide shoulders and slim hips when glancing at that certain male are much more finely defined. Curvy hips and high thrusting breasts are the order of the day on that special female.

Love at first sight has dealt you its genetically poisoned arrow. We are helpless when it comes to this type of inborn reaction. We can no more change this reaction than if we were asked to stop breathing and eating. It is not something that can be ordered about. It is just what it is.

It is not logical when we deal with the genetics of love at first sight. Nothing rational or reasonable is involved with the response that seeing this person has on us. We often wonder why this person is so attractive to us than that person. Nothing understandable can be answered as to why. It just is and to further understand the reason why, we need to look at nature itself.

What is the primary goal of mankind? The answer is a resounding – continuation of the species. If left to our own devices we sometimes will go against nature. Love at first sight is nature’s genetic way of stacking the deck. Everything has been taken out of our control. We are helpless when dealing with the force of this dynamic universal law. We have about as much control when it comes to this power as stopping a hurricane force wind.

Is love at first sight genetically programmed into us? Of course it is. Some of us would be too thick headed to know what to do on our own. This is nature’s way of making sure mankind survives. As everyone knows you better not mess with Mother Nature. She certainly knows what she is doing.