Living alone

Living alone is as normal as living with people. It is possible that one person lives alone and wishes or feels at times that there should be someone to talk to or a circle of friends. Alternatively some people who have a large social circle may feel it would have been nice if they could get at least some solitude.

Living alone itself is not a problem unless you are living alone out of fear or shyness and do not know how to be part of society.
It would be equally stressful if you were surrounded by people and did not know how to cope or get out of it all.

It is also possible that you live with people but prefer to keep to yourself completely. So for example a person living with family may not feel the need to share or talk about anything and may feel comfortable when alone all the time.

If you take any of the above situation to an extreme it may become a problem, for example a person who lives alone all their life without a friend or family and go without talking to people, that would be very sad for most people. Besides it is not possible to cut yourself off from the whole world completely. No matter how hard we try we cannot delink ourselves completely from the people around the world.

The fact also remains that nobody really wants to talk anymore and life is all about the work that needs to be done and nobody has time for idle chit chat or those little things which used to be considered essential to fill up the life and make it beautiful. Even little children are too busy for any kind of relationship these days. Society has changed in a big way. Even conservative societies are moving quickly towards a point where the individual is more focussed on his/her life completely and people do not feel the need for any kind of social contact anymore.

Some people are bound to feel lost in such a scenario; however there is no point but to accept the changed circumstances and learn to live in the new order

The same applies to men and women, young and old, at home, office, school or any other place in the world. There is no need to panic or feel lost on an individual level as most people have already learned to live like this and it is about time that people give up the notion of every human being requiring any kind of social contact to live. It is to be understood that as individuals we have to find happiness within and every attempt to be with people will show us as needy desperate and pathetic as humans.

 I wish the best of luck to each individual in working towards a point where everybody will be independent and nobody will feel the need to connect in any way whatsoever and our society would have evolved to a much higher level then.